The Fusion Tour is coming to Montgomery AL!

Register Today!

Register Today!

Yes, you heard me correctly!

The Fusion Tour, hosted by Women are Gamechangers, is coming to Montgomery Alabama on Saturday, October 5th.  I am pleased to be the cohost along with Founder and CEO of Women are Gamechangers, Ms. Vernetta Freeney.

What’s so special about this event?

Vernetta, an award winning blogger and master networker,  has created an event that allows women to make meaningful connections.

Don’t you hate going to events where everyone is hustling a business card or where there are so many vendors until you feel like you are in a shopping mall?  You won’t find any of that at our event.  The event has been carefully planned to allow you to get to know the women in the room so that you can create meaningful, long term, professional relationships.  You will also have a chance to hear from local business owners, such as Shekenya Calhoun, Human Resource Director of Calhoun Enterprises.  I am excited to hear her share some success secrets as well as answer your questions about how her father built a legacy and the work she and her family are doing to continue that legacy.

The theme for the Montgomery event is “Creating a Big Brand in a Small City.”  I will also be sharing tips and techniques that I have used to build my personal brand as well as strategies that I have used with my clients to help them use social media to build a brand without spending a bundle.

Are you excited?

You should be!

Register today and make plans to spend October 5 from 9am until 11am with a  group of dynamic women who are committed to helping you become successful!

Visit to purchase your ticket and save the date (September 2) to join our next Twitter chat ~ use #FusionTour ~ to learn more about this game changing event.



Twitter Chat Etiquette and #FF (Follow Friday) My Favorite TweetChats

Twitter Chats are a great way to engage with like-minded individuals and brands on social media.  

You may wonder why I am so excited about this… As much as I love being on Twitter, it can be difficult for me to really get to know the people in my network because there are thousands of them all speaking at once.  I also don’t have a lot of time to sit down and tweet up a conversation on a regular basis.  

Hosting and participating in Twitter chats is an opportunity for me to set aside time to have a chat/convo about a specific topic with other people who are also interested in that topic.  Much like how I used the Answers feature on LinkedIn, it is also a great way to show your expertise in an area.  Rather than telling people about what you know, you can demonstrate your knowledge in a relevant way.

Like most social conversations, there is a code of etiquette:

  1. Stick with the topic. It is annoying to the participants as well as the hosts when you get off topic using the chat hashtag. If you want to have a side conversation with someone in the chat, remove the hashtag.
  2. Follow the flow of the chat. If you arrive twenty or thirty minutes late, don’t start answering Q1. Jump into the conversation and start conversating in the flow. Not doing so is the equivalent of going to a cocktail party, walking up to a group of people and beginning your conversation with something they were talking about at the beginning of the hour. People are more likely to ignore what you are saying because they are trying to follow the real time conversation.  If you want to go back after the chat and respond to previous questions, feel free.  People often network after chats have ended and use it as an opportunity to further develop relationships.
  3. You don’t have to comment on every question. Only comment on the questions that you feel you can make a valuable contribution toward. You will gain more followers and credibility by offering insight versus general commentary.


Side note: you will probably lose followers by participating in twitter chats because you may congest some people’s twitter stream with information that they may deem unnecessary. However, you will gain followers from the chat who are more likely to engage with you because you have established a common interest and credibility. Don’t get caught up playing the numbers game and worrying about your follower count.

Now for the fun part… My favorite twitter chats!

I participate in these chats on a regular basis because the moderators do a great job sharing the content of the participants, they chose interesting topics and the tweople participating in the chats have demonstrated knowledge of a variety of subjects so I look forward to their insight.

  • #L21Success – hosted by @TheLoop21 on Tuesdays at noon (CST), a variety of topics for entrepreneurs as well as conversations about current events and socially relevant issues 
  • #BrandChat – hosted by @BrandChat for #Brandidos on Wednesdays at 10am  (CST), questions are posted prior to each chat with a target on high level branding for corporations and organizations, great for those starting out and wanting to connect with experienced marketers as well as for those with experience to network and demonstrate their knowledge
  • #SoloPR – hosted by @SolorPR on Wednesday at noon (CST), an excellent forum and resource for those interested and involved in Public Relations, if you have PR questions, the groups continues to chat with the hashtag throughout the week
  • #SBCchat – hosted by @SixBrownChicks on Wednesdays at noon (CST), connect with women from everywhere to talk about everything! I am constantly amazed at how out of the box some of the chats are while not becoming overtly sexual or vulgar yet allowing women a forum to express real thoughts about real issues

What’s your favorite TweetChat?  Leave in the comments along with the host and time/date…

October 2012 Featured Entrepreneur


Special thanks to Donna Johnson and her team for choosing me as their October 2012 Featured Entrepreneur!

Listen to my interviews with GGene S.I.S.  We talk about my business, ministry and the emotional abuse many professional women experience in relationships when their spouse/boyfriend can’t handle being with someone more successful than themselves.

Interview 1

Interview 2

[Book Preview] Celebrating the Journey: Rediscovering Me by Ashley Hill

Yes, you read it correctly… it is a book preview and not book review

Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking on the phone with Ashley and she was telling me about her soon to be released book and I was so excited that I had to share it with you all… BEFORE it was released.

In “Celebrating the Journey: Rediscovering Me”, Ashley tells a story that is very familiar to many women.  She tells about how she grew up knowing all the things she could become, all of the things that she was capable of but how one relationship with the wrong person derailed her from becoming the person God created her to be and the person she wanted to be.  Ashley bravely shares her story of how this relationship affected her and how she got back on track because she knows that there are women today in the same situation.  She believes that if she can find her way out then maybe this book will inspire you to find your way out also (now do you see why I was so excited??).

The book launch is scheduled for June 2012…

For more information on the book and updates, follow us:
Celebrate the Journey Facebook Page!
Twitter Hashtag: #celebrate

Ladies, it’s ok to think like a man…

I know some of you ladies won’t agree with me on this but I think that its ok for us to think like a man…

Some of the arguments that I have heard against this statement are…

  • I don’t need to think like a man, I need to think like God…
  • If I was meant to think like a man then I would have been created a man…
  • I don’t need to think like a man, a man should think like me…

Here is my opinion…

Many of you have heard of Steve Harvey’s book, “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man“.  Some of you have read the book while others may have only seen the movie.  Regardless of your opinion about his opinion on the subject, you must realize that one of the keys to communicating in any relationship or situation is your ability to understand the other person’s perspective.  If you go into every situation expecting to be understood but having no desire to understand then don’t be surprised when there is a breakdown in communication.

I believe that men and women process information differently and this theory has been tested, written about and discussed for years.  No matter our communication styles, we all expect to be heard, respected and understood.  When a lady thinks like a man,  she is taking into consideration that if she presents him with a problem; unlike her girlfriend who won’t mind chatting for hours about the single subject, he will more than likely be seeking a solution.  She also takes into consideration that most men don’t read emotions very well, they believe you when you say that nothing is wrong.

Thinking like a man doesn’t mean that you stop being a woman or throw your religious values out the door but it means that when you communicate, you are thinking of not only your side but also his.  In a successful relationship, he will also be trying to think like you so that he can understand, respect and hear what you are saying…

Tikina Simmons discusses her Matriarch Endeavors and the importance of mentoring

Most of us can  look back and pinpoint a person in our past who had an impact on us and helped us to become the person that we are today.  Not everyone is able to look to a family member for that impact, for some young people they have to go outside of their circle to find someone whose life they want to emulate.  For most of us the hope is that the person they choose will have a positive impact.

That is the purpose of mentoring programs.  Not only are these programs beneficial for kids in inner cities or high risk areas but most kids need to have positive role models in their lives, outside of their parents because let’s be honest, most kids don’t think their parents know anything about anything.  It helps when they see other adults reinforcing the life lessons taught by their parents.

Our guest on The LaKesha Womack Show today is Tikina Simmons, founder of a not for profit in New York, Matriarch Endeavors whose mission is to provide life development programs for women.

Listen to our conversation live on Tuesday, March 20 by logging in at or call from your  phone 646.929.2031 (ask to speak with the host if you have questions and/or comments)

Get to know Tikina and join her network…

Tikina Simmons is the sole child born to divorced parents Eric W. Simmons and Jean D. Simmons. She was born in Elmhurst, NY and raised in the Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn, NY. She attended Van Arsdale HS (formerly Eli Whitney), and John Jay College of Criminal Justice 00′ thru 04′. She is a mother of two beautiful children. Tikina works full-time while building her non-for-profit organization Matriarch Endeavors throughout New York City.

Are you ready to take the Pretty Girls Rock Dresses Challenge?

I have a love/hate relationship with dresses…

Some days I love to dress up in my heels, a sexy dress and glossy lips but other days, I am guilty of throwing on a pair of jeans, tee-shirt and some flats.

Last year, I came across the Pretty Girls Rock Dresses Challenge on Facebook and it was just the boost that I needed to pull out some old sundresses and invest in a couple of new ones.  The Challenge is hosted by Dea Win and starts on March 1st each year to encourage women to dress like ladies with hopes that men will follow… After all, our society is very visual and many times we are treated based on the way we look (sad but true).

Last year, I wrote about the event (Are you up for the Challenge?), this year I have the pleasure of interviewing the Founder on The LaKesha Womack Show. We will discuss her motivation for creating what she considers a movement and how you can get involved.

Have a question and/or comment?

Tweet us during the show @LaKeshaWomack @PGRDresses

Call in and ask to speak with the host – 646.929.2031

Meet Dea Win…

Dea Win, owner and founder of PGRDresses is an Atlanta native. Growing up she was inspired by the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950′s and 1960′s. Throughout her childhood she dreamed about pursing activism and social reform. As a student at Clark Atlanta University she participated in activities that helped feed her deep desire to help people. After graduation she constantly pursued outlets to express her interest in people, politics, and social reform.

Her epiphany came while watching Malcolm X and talking to friends about gender roles. Maybe if women dressed like Ladies; men would follow Suite. PGRDresses the Movement was born.

The girl who was always in search of a RIGHTEOUS cause or person to support has now found a cause and her very OWN righteous movement. Empowering women and girls to do better by embracing femininity.

Team Pretty’s main goal is to MOTIVATE and INSPIRE WOMEN. In our world everything’s PRETTY! You should join us!

Feel free to email me at: if you have any questions or concerns

Visit us online:

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There’s POWER in the DRESS, PURSE, and STILETTO. ~PGRDresses™