Practicing Your Politics: Tips for the Social Media Activist

In the wake of yesterday’s senseless tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton Connecticut; I have seen a lot of social media commentary regarding the need for stricter gun control and/or better access to mental health treatment.

As social media has continued to grow in popularity, so has social media activism but rarely does the social media activist do any more than post opinions online. I would advise anyone with the bravado to post their opinions as a ‘call to action’ to also take action. When you feel strongly about an issue, such as reinstating prayer in our schools, it’s great to share your opinion online to see how many retweets and likes that you can generate but it’s more important to understand your local, state and federal laws on the issues. From there, find out where your elected official stands and votes on the issue. If you are going to communicate your desires for change or enforcement, these are the persons who should be the primary targets of your messages. They must be held accountable to supporting the will of their constituents, you the voter.

This is the path to change…

I will not complain about anything that I am not willing to work to change. Not working for the social change that I believe in makes me a part of the problem and not a part of the solution. (LaKesha Womack)

Is there action after you post?Image courtesy of socialmedialab.ca

Is there action after you post?
Image courtesy of socialmedialab.ca

Politics 101

My family and close friends often tease me because I watch an average of about six hours of political news per day on MSNBC

I know that probably seems like a lot to the average person but if I wasn’t obsessed with reality housewives, I would probably watch more (don’t judge me, lol).

Anyway, there is so much going on in the political world that I felt the need to share.  This show will discuss

  • Some of the major political issues in the 2012 election cycle
  • How can you get involved
  • Why you should care

I want to know what you think…

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Does my #vote really matter?

I am not ashamed to admit that when I first turned 18 I wasn’t that excited about voting.  Although I knew about the Civil Rights Movement and Women’s Liberation, it didn’t really dawn on me how voting affected my life.  Even when I was in college, I didn’t quite get it.  We were living in times of prosperity and growth so not many people had that much to complain about. I was young at the time and oblivious to a lot of what was happening in the world, outside of my immediate circumstances.

However, as an adult… this is a whole new world.  I am more conscious of what is happening around me, how it affects my circumstances today and how our decisions affect the world that we are creating for our children.  I am concerned because it seems that a lot of society still doesn’t get it.  Your vote counts because the majority wins.  It doesn’t matter who is the most passionate, who buys the most campaign ads, who has the best ideas or who gives the best campaign speech if WE don’t get out and vote for them.

Today is the day for you to make your voice count.  If you don’t know where to go and vote… click this link >>>>> http://www.rockthevote.org/

Take some time and find out who is running for office and what their plan is for our future.  We are at a critical point in our society and voting from now and into the foreseeable future should be a priority in your life.  The decisions that are being made by our government affect your ability to find and maintain gainful employment, to attain health insurance, how our civil liberties will be protected and so much more.

There are just a few things that I hope you will keep in mind…

  • We must vote and keep in mind the collective interest of the citizens of our country.  Any candidate that only wants to represent people like them, even if you are one of those people, should not be elected.  A political leader should want to make sure
    ALL citizens are taken care of.
  • The future of our society depends on the leadership and guidance of these individuals.  If the only thing a politician can offer is smear attacks against their opponents, what do you think they are going to do when they are in office?  In my opinion… continue to be divisive and distracting.
  • Don’t consider how long someone has been in office or how inexperienced they are politically.  There are many qualities needed to run a government, which is essentially like running a million, billion or trillion-dollar corporation (depending on the level of service they are offering themselves).  If you wouldn’t hire them to make good corporate decisions then how you can you count on them to run our government?
  • Think long and hard about those demanding that they take back America.  First we need to figure out who they want to take it back from… then we need to know where they are planning to take it because moving backwards should not be an option.  We need visionaries who are committed to working together so that real legislation can be passed that makes our country a better place to live not restoring old policies that have created a disparity between.
  • Finally, don’t forget Civics 101… Our government is made up of three branches of government.  You can not depend on any one branch to make a significant difference.  Don’t blame our President for our economic mess… there is more than enough blame to be distributed to all members of Congress, past and present, as well as past leadership.  Our government is an imperfect system being run by imperfect people who should be doing their best to make a positive difference in our world.

The decisions that we make today will impact our future.  Don’t VOTE based on superficial issues, take a moment, use Google and get to know the people you are electing to lead our nation.  Most of us spend more time researching celebrities, who can do nothing for us, then we do the political leaders in charge of our future.




What to do when the votes lie


In my city, we are between mayors.  What does that mean?  Our mayoral election occurred almost two years ago and we still don’t have an official mayor.  On the night of the election, one candidate was the winner by less than five votes.  After counting the provisional votes, the other candidate was the winner by less than five votes.  The losing candidate sued the winning candidate and the issue ended up in court.  I attended the first day of the trial and was flabbergasted by all of the wrong-doings, directly or indirectly, by each candidate.  This process has continued for over a year and a half with each side appealing to a higher court once a decision has been handed down. 

Common Sense Solution:

The citizens deserve a revote.  Initially, there was concern about the expense that would be incurred by a revote, however, I fail to believe that this long and drawn out process is cheaper – financially or morally – for our citizens.  If both sides were found to have commented illegal acts to attain votes, I cannot understand how either can be declared the winner. 

I believe in playing to win but if you don’t play fair then you should not be allowed to win.  What kind of example is this situation setting for our children or for citizens already disillusioned by the electoral process?