[Late] Breaking News: Womack joins Birmingham Business Resource Center

I almost forgot to share the latest news with my blogger family…

The Birmingham Business Resource Center announces LaKesha Womack of Womack Consulting Group as their newest associate.  LaKesha has almost fifteen years of consulting experience in a variety of industries including manufacturing, publishing, technology, retail services, financial services and transportation. Her firm specializes in business development, brand management, not for profit organization and political strategy services. Womack, a Vanderbilt graduate, recently relocated to Birmingham to attend Beeson Divinity School at Samford University.

BBRC is looking forward to working with Womack Consulting Group to continue providing training, lending and advocacy programs that assist entrepreneurs interested in increasing their capacity, their access to capital and their customer base.

For more information about Womack Consulting Group, visit http://WomackCG.com

For more information about the Birmingham Business Resource Center, visit http://bbrc.biz


Oh, how I love @ShoeDazzle

Oh, how I love @ShoeDazzle

Every one who knows me knows that I love ShoeDazzle shoes.

I became a fan after seeing one of their commercials and wondering if I could really get such cute shoes at such a good price. I took the quiz and my inbox became consistently occupied with shoe suggestions, each one more beautiful than the next.

*fast forward two years*

There are about thirty plus pairs of shoes in my closet that have my captured my heart and the love of a few friends. Each time I ‘submit order’ I am anxiously awaiting the delivery guy’s arrival at my door to unveil the new addition to my collection. One of the best feelings for a single lady like me is coming home from a business trip to see a ShoeDazzle box waiting for me. One day I felt the need to share this sentiment with my tweople on Twitter and I guess ShoeDazzle was paying attention because they featured my tweet in one of the television commercials.

Check them out for yourself… The site is legit… The shoes are gorgeous and the service is exceptional! -> ShoeDazzle.com

Make sure you tell them @LaKeshaWomack sent you 😉

John JayBee Bivins: Mastering Social Media to Build Your Brand


My guest on this episode of The LaKesha Womack Show will be John “JayBee” Bivins discussing Mastering Social Media to Build Your Brand.  JayBee has used social media and traditional networking to built a national brand.  Not only has he mastered cutting hair for some of the most recognizable celebrities but he is also very well respected within his industry.  In this episode, JayBee will share some of his secrets to successfully building his brand among his peers as well as creating sustainable relationships with his clients.

You can listen to the show live at 12p CST on Thursday, October 24 or visit http://blogtalkradio.com/LaKeshaWomack to listen at any time!


About JayBee…

JayBee is a Premiere Celebrity Barber-Groomer, Instructor, Image Consultant and Entrepreneur!

He has been blessed with a gift that has taken him from the basement of my childhood home to around the world. The opportunities to work on many movie, tv, magazine and video sets/shoots have come from years of hard work and perseverance. Mentorship of upcoming hair-makeup pros along with quality “high level” work in the industry is what drives him to continue perfect his craft.


JayBee Grooming

Connect with JayBee…

Online: http://celebritybarberjaybee.com/

Instagram: http://instagram.com/JohnJayBeeBivins

Facebook: www.facebook.com/CelebrityBarberJayBee

Twitter:  www.twitter.com/Jay2DaBee

Four #BrandBuilding Tips

I took a step back recently to take a look at social media and was amazed at how much things have changed over the past year.  Some of the sure fire strategies that we knew would work to build our brand twelve months ago are no longer relevant.

brand building

So what do you need to know to make some adjustments to your branding strategy?

  1. Your audience wants to be engaged.  This may seem obvious but it is not how we started using social media.  Initially, it was all about educating and sharing information but now people want to engage, they want to feel connected to your brand, they want you to talk back to them, to give them opportunities to do something.  Believe it or not, people want to help spread the word about your brand when its relevant to them (focus on the last part – make it relevant to them).
  2. Relationships matter!  By now you should have established the foundation for your brand – your website, Twitter, Facebook, etc – so what’s next?  Your audience wants to see what other people are saying to you and about you.  Yes, they are watching your interactions with others.  If you are not responsive to your community, that sends the signal that you are disconnected.  Some of the most popular posts on this site are posts that I have written about other people.  We are no longer content with only seeing what a person has to say about themselves on their site, we are now branching out our investigations to see what others are saying.  Does this mean that you have to thank every person that comments on your Facebook or retweets a post? NO! But, you should monitor comments and if someone has a question or is requesting additional information, make sure you are providing it.  If someone writes a post about you, subscribe to the comments so that you can monitor the reactions.  I am constantly amazed at the number of people who have no control over their brand and miss the opportunity to establish a connection with their audience.
  3. Hashtags!  Everyone is doing it but is it working?  Here’s one key tip – don’t write posts filled with hashtags.  No one can read it and most people ignore it.  Hashtags are not the message but are used as search tools.  Therefore, you should find a consistent hashtag that is relevant to your brand so that you can essentially teach people how to find information about your brand.  It also provides a clue to let people know what your brand is all about.  I have nothing against #TagForLikes or any of those but what message does that send to your audience?  Would it be more effective to use #Marketing, #Photography or something that like-minded individuals are interested in?  One may increase the quantity of your network but the other may increase the quality of your network.
  4. Don’t just talk about it, be about it… Images and videos are gaining in popularity in social media.  People want to see if you are living the life you are talking about.  That doesn’t mean posting pictures of yourself in luxury brands, unless that’s your niche, but they want to SEE if you are really having the impact that you talk about.  Not only are brands sharing pictures and videos of how they want you to use their product/service but there is an increase in them sharing how real customers are using it.  Makes total sense… its cheaper for them to share your content than to pay an actor to create content.  SBOs with limited marketing budgets should be happy to see this trend evolving.  Encourage your customers to share how they use your product/service and post their testimonials.

Do you have any #BrandBuilding Tips or Questions?  Feel free to share below…


Public Relation Tips from Makasha Dorsey of The Dorsey Group

Have you ever considered getting help managing your personal or professional brand?

I have!

Although I have written blogs, books, ebooks and given advice to countless clients and workshop participants on the subject, I must admit that I haven’t done the best job of managing my brand.  I think I am doing a good job but not a great job.  On this episode of The LaKesha Womack Show, Makasha Dorsey will give us some tips to create a public relations plan, which extends beyond just using social media to promote yourself…

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Meet Makasha Dorsey…

Makasha at home

My name is Makasha Dorsey. I am a wife, the mother of two boys, a writer, a full-time student, a crafter, and a Christian.

It has taken some time to sink in but my primary role is wife, which is why I chose to use the tagline a wife in progressMy other blog, which has been discontinued, focused on Makasha, the write-at-home-mom. I have since realized I am more than what I do—if you want the details you can read my first a wife in progress blog post.

I am a Christian. My vision is to have my words, work, and thoughts inspire you to be better. I am not perfect, just a follower of Christ.

About Dorsey Group LLC…

Located in Montgomery, Alabama, Dorsey Group is a PR firm that specializes in combining traditional communications strategies with new media technology to  build the relationships necessary to reach the desired markets and engage consumers. Our commitment is simple: we don’t try to reinvent the wheel (unless you want us to). Instead, we partner with our clients to help them navigate through the overly saturated and noisy media environment.

Not only does Dorsey Group help you to say what you need to say, we make sure you say it to the right people through the right mediums. But, it doesn’t stop there. We do something very few PR firms do: we measure results. Sure, other firms collect clips but we find ways to ensure that your branding efforts and communications strategies have a positive impact on your core business objectives.

where creative design meets collective intelligence

PO Box 240043 – Montgomery, AL 36124

Phone: 334.246.1170 – Fax: 208.439.8721

Twitter – @DGPRwire

Facebook – http://facebook.com/DGPRwire

LinkedIn – http://linkedin.com/in/MakashaDorsey

Order your copy of Building a Brand without Spending a Bundle

I am so excited to have completed and released my third self published book – Building a Brand without Spending a Bundle.  The publication is also available as a free ebook when you subscribe to my business blog – Womack Consulting Group.  I chose to publish the book as a softcover title for $9.95 because it seems that electronic documents are great for some but others prefer to have something tangible to work from.  This book is interactive which means there is a lot of space for you to take notes, lines for you to complete tasks and questions for you to research.  It is almost impossible for anyone to give you a canned plan to build your custom brand so this book aims to help you create a brand that fits your personality and that of your product/service.

Order your copy online – Building a Brand without Spending a Bundle – or complete the form below to order an autographed copy from me.  Either way, if you are struggling to build a personal and/or professional brand on a limited budget, this book is a great place for you to start.

Order your autographed copies of all three titles by LaKesha Womack – Is She The ONE?, Success Secrets for the Young & Fabulous and Building a Brand without Spending a Bundle – for $35 (free shipping)

Special thanks to Mark Bailey, Owner of Yellow Dogg Designs for writing a beautiful introduction.