#GuestPost Finding the Perfect Holiday Gift

xmas gift 2The holidays, as happy as they can be, tend to be a stressful time of year. After all, on top of the normal obligations of daily life, there’s bound to be a slew of festivities to attend or prepare for. Between trimming the tree, baking cookies for Santa, and attending ugly sweater parties, things can get a little hectic. Top it all off with needing to find that perfect gift for your special someone and you’re likely to throw in the towel and curl up by the fire with a glass of eggnog. But finding just the right present for your significant other doesn’t have to be taxing. Take a peek at these fun (and easy!) ideas and before you know it, you’ll have that perfect gift checked off your list.

Something you can do together

Though you and your partner probably see each other quite often, devoting hours each day to just the two of you is unrealistic and often unattainable in today’s world, especially during the busy holiday season. But as Real Simple Magazine points out, getting enough couple time builds intimacy, opens communication, and strengthens your bond, all important factors for fostering a successful relationship.

A gift that allows you and your significant other to enjoy an activity together is two-fold in its purpose: carving out time for just the two of you to reconnect while doing something you wouldn’t usually do. Never got around to taking those ballroom dance lessons you always talked about? Have you always wanted to learn how to make a gourmet meal that would put a world-renowned chef to shame? Sign you and your partner up for a class that provides an exciting experience and a new skill you can learn together.

Something to enhance your love life

They say variety is the spice of life, and that couldn’t be truer than when it comes to how you and your partner spend your time between the sheets. The holidays are about family and togetherness, which often means you and your significant other struggle to get a moment alone. Give him a gift that you’ll both have fun with when you finally escape to the privacy of your bedroom. A special piece of lingerie is a great way to make any night with your other half feel even more memorable. For a holiday twist on things, Adam & Eve suggests donning a sexy Santa Claus-inspired outfit, sure to get both you and your partner in the festive spirit. With so many options designed specifically with couples in minds, a gift that will enhance your love life is sure to make the rare time you and your significant other have alone during the holiday season that much more amazing.

Something you can enjoy separately of one another

As noted before, spending time with your significant other is important. However, with life moving a mile a minute, it’s essential that you both have time alone in order to relax, recharge, and bring the best version of yourself to the relationship. According to Psychology Today, there are many physical and psychological benefits to spending time alone, including enhancing the quality of your relationships with others.

You and your sweetie may have a ton of common interests, but chances are there’s at least one thing he loves to do that you merely tolerate, and vice versa. So why not take advantage of your differences and gift him something he would enjoy—without you? Maybe that means setting up an afternoon of paintball for him and his friends, or surprising him with an hour-long rental of the car of his dreams. He’ll appreciate how much thought you put into the planning and you’ll appreciate the free time his golf trip gives you to settle in to a much-needed Netflix marathon. It’s a win-win!

When the idea of finding the perfect gift for the perfect person in your life seems a little too overwhelming, use these ideas as jumping off points to holiday present bliss. Whatever you choose doesn’t have to be complicated or filled to the brim with all the bells and whistles. As long as it’s given with love, your significant other is sure to love it, too.


Share Some Holiday Cheer with a Recovering American Solider

Most of us are blessed to be able to spend the holidays with our family and friends.  Despite any losses or setbacks that may have occurred during the year, we have a lot to be thankful for.  Among those are our freedom and strong military presence around the world.  During this time of the year, I would like to encourage each of you to add one more address to your Holiday Card List…

A Recovering American Solider

c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center

6900 Georgia Avenue

NW Washington DC 20307-5001

Take a moment of your time and $0.44 postage to remember a soldier that fought and sacrificed for our country.  It may not seem like much but I can only imagine the smile on someone’s face knowing that at this special time of the year, they were not forgotten.

Remembering Our Soldiers

Image courtesy of homeofalonelywoman.blogspot.com

5 Things I Learned in the Kitchen with My Mom

I’m so blessed to still have my mom to share the holidays with because I have a lot of friends and family members that felt a void in their kitchen this holiday for the first time. As she and I stood side by side talking, laughing and passing ingredients; I couldn’t help but look over at her, smile and thank God for my mommy.
I then began to think about how over the years I’ve grown from avoiding the kitchen at all cost to looking forward to our routine of menu planning, grocery shopping and early morning cooking. These are the five lessons that I’ve learned in the kitchen with my mom…
1. Clean as you go and you won’t have a big mess at the end
2. Taste everything because most recipes could use another dash of this or that
3. Use fresh ingredients, we do a lot of instant cooking during the year but the holidays are a time for mixing and creating from scratch
4. You can never make too much food, it amazes me how many people stop by my family member’s houses impromptu for a plate and God has blessed our family to always have more than enough
5. Start cooking early. We don’t cook days before but like to get up while everyone is still sleeping to fill the house with aromas of what is to come
What are some things you’ve learned in the kitchen with your family *while eating and/or cooking*?

Travel Tips for Couples

The holidays are right around the corner and many couples will venture out on their first trip together.  This can be a time of great excitement mixed with a little anxiety.  Traveling, especially to visit relatives, can be tricky when doing so with someone that you like/love. Not only do you want to survive the trip but you also want a solid relationship to come home to…

This week’s guest on Late Night with LaKesha, Michael Nix, will join us to discuss some of the ups and downs that he has experienced while traveling with a special someone and I am sure he will have few funny stories from situations that he has observed.

Join us on Tuesday, November 8 from 10p to 1030p CST


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Meet Michael Nix…

Michael at the New York Stock Exchange (2011)

By day Michael is a real estate appraiser in Georgia; however once the property values come in…  Michael is out – of the state and often out of the country.  Having traveled to almost every continent seeking adventure and fun, Michael is on a mission to enjoy life to the fullest.  A native New Yorker, Michael moved south to take advantage of the many professional opportunities for a business owner and real estate investor but finds himself living out of a suitcase more than his closet.  Whether skiing or snorkeling, Michael is always seeking the next challenge and opportunity to stamp his passport.

Corey Ponder tells us how “Giving is Sexy”

Everyone has heard the saying that it is better to give than to receive…

This week on “Late Night with LaKesha”, Corey Ponder and I will discuss how giving can be sexy.  We will share our top gift ideas for the holidays, why we think giving back to your community is a turn on and some others ways you can “give” to your mate…

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About Corey Ponder…

Corey Ponder founder of The Young Writers Block

Corey Ponder grew up in the Atlanta area and attended Vanderbilt University in Nashville for undergraduate and spent time at the University of California, Berkeley in pursuit of his Master’s in Public Policy.  Now he works in the Washington, DC area.  He spends his time looking to connect himself with motivated and passionate people in the area and around the nation that shares his interests in politics, service, civic engagement, and social awareness.

This was the inspiration for his personal blog site, The Apathy Remedy.  Established in October 2008, Corey felt that the discourse on politics, social issues, news, and society only exacerbated the level of skepticism, apathy, and cynicism with which Americans approached these issues.  The goal of The Apathy Remedy was to be objective without losing passion, be informative yet engaging, and most importantly, provide a type of coverage that would inspire readers to do something: from simply researching further all the way to effecting change on a political or social movement level.  Donning the pen-name SpkTruth2Pwr, he wanted his blogging to be a reflection of the truth of his analysis – an alter-ego – so that whatever your thoughts about the motivations or intent of Corey Ponder, SpkTruth2Pwr was only motivated by bringing the light objectivity and inspiration to act to his reader.

This passion stretched to the establishment of The Young Writers’ Block.  Corey realized there are so many enlightened voices in the blogosphere that can be lost in the oversaturation of the web.  YWB was established to provide those enlightened voices a platform from which to be heard and recognized, and ultimately inspire readers to think, discuss, and engage on social issues that matter to young professionals.  Like a support group, young writers use YWB as a place to develop and reach a wider audience.

Find Corey online…






Relationship Q&A: Home for the holidays with him?

Her Question

I’ve been dating this guy for about 6 months.  We spend a lot of time together at my house and I love to cook for him and spend time with him.  I wanted to go home with him for Thanksgiving to meet his family but he didn’t invite me.  I kept hinting around about it but he ignored me.   I think he knew that I was upset because I didn’t see him the whole week of Thanksgiving.  He came back around after the weekend and acted like nothing happened.  I’m still pissed but think that I should give him another chance.  If he doesn’t invite me to meet his family for Christmas then we are breaking up.  What do you think?

My Answer

Wow… ummm…. well… first, its hard to judge a relationship based on a few sentences but I think there are some key questions that you should ask yourself about the relationship –

  1. You said that you all spend a lot of time together at your house.  Do you all ever go out on dates or hang out with each other’s friends?  If not, that may be a sign.
  2. Why were you hinting about him inviting you to meet his family instead of just coming out and asking him?  Were you afraid of being rejected?
  3. Why didn’t you talk to him about it when he returned?
  4. Finally, what’s the rush?  If you’ve only been seeing each other for six months, why is it so important for you to meet his family NOW?

I’m not a relationship expert but here is my amateur diagnosis.  You know that the relationship isn’t everything that it should be and you want to meet his family as a way to validate your position in his life.  He may not be interested because he doesn’t see the relationship as seriously as you do.  Rather than making ultimatums, it seems like you all need to have a serious conversation about the relationship as a whole to make sure you are on the same page.  Also, there may be some issues with his family that have nothing to do with you so don’t hinge the future of your relationship on meeting his family, especially within the first year.  A missing link in your situation seems to be open communication.

You turn… am I right or do you have a different opinion?  Leave your comment below…

My favorite thing: Jose Cuervo Margaritas

Normally I don’t like pre-mixed drinks and I rarely drink lime-flavored margaritas but…  Jose’s got it going on! 

During the Memorial Day holiday weekend, I bought a bottle because I didn’t feel like playing bartender.  I put it in the freezer for a few hours then poured from the bottle into ice-filled glasses for the rest of the day.  It was perfect.  I highly recommend using this during your next party or bbq. 

Make sure you buy several bottles, your guests will love it! (add more tequila at your own risk)