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5 Things I Learned From My 5 Year Old

  1. Everyday is a new day.  Simply put.  He wakes up and has a single-minded focus on how great today is going to be.
  2. The world is a playground.  No matter where we go or what we are doing, he finds something to amuse himself.
  3. Vegetables are good.  He eats a greater variety of vegetables than I do, sad I know but he doesn’t have any preconceived notions of what they should taste like so he just goes for it.
  4. Bubbles are fun.  Whether they are in the bathtub or floating in the air on a warm sunny day, bubbles make you smile.
  5. Tackle life with 100% zeal.  From the time his little eyes open until I force him to sleep at night, he is putting his all into whatever he is doing.  He takes a minute here and there to rest but looking in his eyes, I see those little wheels still turning.