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Book Release: My Money Matters 52 Week Money Management Workbooks for Kids, Teens and Adults

The average American has less than $25,000 in savings, including their retirement account.  The majority of Americans don’t have enough cash reserves to handle a $1,000 emergency.

When I read these statistics on, I wasn’t surprised.  As Americans, many of us fail to plan for our financial future and have not created good money management habits that we can pass along to our children.

“My Money Matters” is a collection of money management workbooks based on the Basic Money Management Principle, “I will not spend more than I earn.”  There are three workbooks created for kids (young people receiving an allowance), teens/young adults (young people working part-time or living away from home) and adults.  Each workbook features a weekly money management lesson as well as weekly budget sheets that allow the user to track the money coming in and going out.

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While Author LaKesha Womack worked as a financial advisor for a reputable financial services firm, she realized that most people don’t know a fraction of what they should about money management.  Although most books aimed at promoting financial literacy are filled with a wealth of information, they often leave the reader wondering, “What should I do first/next?  How can I take this information and apply it to my situation?”

“My Money Matters” is divided into four quarters, 13 weeks each.  The first quarter focuses on creating and maintaining a management budget while the second quarter discusses saving strategies and goal setting for their financial future.  During the third quarter, the reader develops a basic understanding of financial management.  Finally, the user will learn basic investing principles and the role that investments could play in their overall financial plan.

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“My Money Matters” is perfect for families.  Each weekly lesson focuses on the same general lesson although the information is tailored to the age group it is written for.  The workbooks are also perfect for groups wishing to promote financial literacy.  Groups can hold each other accountable by meeting quarterly to review the upcoming lessons and their progress from the previous quarter.

Order twenty-five workbooks for your group for $200.  The workbooks retail for $10 each so that’s a savings of $50 or 5 free workbooks, which can be passed along to your members or sale them at retail and use the $2 per workbook as a fundraiser.  This offer includes free shipping.

About the author…

LaKesha Womack has over ten years of business consulting experience including owning and operating Womack Consulting Group, a firm specializing in helping entrepreneurs start and grow small businesses.  She has worked within a variety of industries including retail, financial services, publishing, technology and many more.  She is also the author of “Building a Brand without Spending a Bundle”, “Success Secrets for the Young & Fabulous” and “Is She The ONE?”  In addition, she is the Executive Producer and Host of “The LaKesha Womack Show” as well as a young adult minister within the AME Zion Church.

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Each workshop includes twenty-five workbooks and you can choose between

  • The two-hour session where we define the Basic Money Management Principle and discuss budgeting strategies
  • The four-hour/ half day session to explore the Basic Money Management Principle, discuss budgeting and saving strategies and create a SMART money goal
  • The six-hour/ full day session to explore the Basic Money Management Principle, to discuss budgeting and saving strategies, to create a SMART money goal and to discuss the role that investing should play in their financial plan

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Book #4 Preview… Your Money Matters: Strategies to Create Generational Wealth

If you read through this blog or my business blog (; you will probably be able to identify some central issues that I am passionate about.  Aside from your spiritual growth, your money matters is at the top of the list.  A few months ago, I wrote about how I believe the middle class has lost it’s voice and a part of that is because we have become silenced economically.  In today’s pay to play society, we are playing the wrong game.  Many of us are caught up trying to “live the life” and exude wealth rather than focusing on creating wealth, not only for ourselves but also for future generations.

Today on The LaKesha Womack Show, I will discuss the four strategies to be outlined in my fourth book “Your Money Matters: Strategies to Create Generational Wealth”.  The book is scheduled to be released in July of 2012 with workshops available for your group/organization.

Your money matters… it’s not about how much you make but what you do with it.  Tune in today and get a glimpse into some strategies for middle class Americans who want to secure a better future for their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and beyond.  At some point we have to stop the cycle of living a consumer driven lifestyle and begin to focus on saving…

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