My Trial Sermon (in the AME Zion Church, this is your first official sermon that you deliver upon entering ministry) was delivered May 20, 2012 at Simpson Chapel AME Zion Church in Greenville, AL

Listen Now – It’s Time for a Change

We often face tests in life, some know and some unknown, but have you ever stopped and asked yourself whether you are passing the tests?  Considering everything that Jesus was faced with when tempted by the devil, you have to ask, Could I pass the test? (Simpson Chapel AME Zion Church, Greenville AL  – July 15, 2012)

Listen Now – Could You Pass The Test?

Life is filled with distractions… We get caught up with this and that and sometimes lose our focus but today, I want to encourage you… Keep Your Eye on the Prize (Simpson Chapel AME Zion Church, Greenville AL –  June 17, 2012)

Listen Now – Keep Your Eye on the Prize

What makes you happy?  What truly makes you happy?  There are many things that we think make us happy but at the end of the day, I know that money cannot buy my happiness.  True happiness, for me, comes from a sincere relationship with God. (Greater Mt Olive AME Zion Church, Hayneville AL – September 30, 2012)

Listen Now – Money Can’t Buy My Happiness

Many of us face Nehemiah type projects… We see a problem in our community and God gives us a vision to fix the problem but it can seem so overwhelming until we find ourselves wondering, “How, how can I do this?”  Taking a page from Nehemiah’s resolve to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, we realize that God’s Got This! (City of Refuge, Montgomery AL – October 21, 2012)

Listen Now – God’s Got This

After making your lists, hustling and bustling to get this and that… What did you get God for Christmas?  Listen to this holiday sermon to find out what God wants from us. (Simpson Chapel AME Zion Church, Greenville AL – December 16, 2012)

Listen Now – What does God want for Christmas

God has plans to prosper us, He has hope for our future but what does God want us to do with our finances?  What can we expect from God when we give to His kingdom? (Mt Zion AME Zion Church, Hayneville AL – January 15, 2013)

Listen Now – Affirmations for Spiritual Prosperity

Are you expecting the great but not sure when/if it will ever happen?  There may be some key elements missing in your exepctancy.  I was honored to deliver this message during the Young Adult Observance Service for the Greenville District YACM. (Mt Zion AME Zion Church, Hayneville AL – March 3, 2013)

Listen Now – Expect the Great

In life we can either move forward or become stagnant and stuck in our present situation.  Joshua was tasked with leading a group of people forward into a new land.  I am sure his leadership was met with resistance but he led by example – following God, following in obedience and expecting something miraculous. (YACM Prayer Breakfast, Sweet Home AME Zion Church, Greenville AL – May 4, 2013)

Listen Now – Moving Zion Forward

As we look around our communities, we can see the needs of our people but are those needs so pressing in your spirit until you feel a burning need to DO something?  Nehemiah was distressed upon finding out the condition of his homeland, Jerusalem, but he knew that it would take a team to make the vision God had given him a reality. (Zion Chapel AME Zion Church, Dutch Bend AL – May 5, 2013)

Listen Now – Team Work Makes the Dream Work



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