Host a “My Money Matters” Workshop

Financial literacy can not only have a major impact in the lives of individuals but also within a group or organization.  In our society, we have tendency to feel like we are the only ones going through a situation, however; when we see that we are not alone and develop some accountability partners to assist us in getting on the right track, the journey often becomes more manageable.

Are you a member of a group or organization that has been thinking about leading a financial literacy workshop?  Could your members benefit from learning more about budgeting, financial goal setting, saving and investing?

Although the concept of the Basic Money Management Principle – I will not spend more than I earn – sounds simple; the average American is living paycheck to paycheck and can’t seem to find a way off their financial rollercoaster.  Many children and young adults are growing up with poor money management habits because they have no one to teach them the proper way to manage their finances.  Are you ready to do something about this?

If so… You should host a MY MONEY MATTERS WORKSHOP!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3…

  1. Complete the form below to request a no obligation quote.  You will receive a reply within two business days of receiving a completed form.
  2. Pay your deposit to lock in the date and time requested.
  3. Get your group together.  I will bring all of the materials and work with you to create an informative presentation.

Why wait?  Complete the form today and help your group proclaim “MY MONEY MATTERS!”