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It has recently been reported that a majority of American workers (60%) have less than $25,000 in personal savings – including retirement funds. Last summer, a survey by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling found that 64% of Americans don’t even have enough cash on hand to handle a $1,000 emergency expense. Too many are living paycheck to paycheck unable to set aside enough money for savings.

As I was planning a book entitled, My Money Matters, I had to evaluate whether another book telling people why they needed to save and providing strategies to do so would make a difference…

I decided that it would not…

Next, I started doing some research and asked people, “At what age should we begin teaching financial literacy?”

I was somewhat surprised that most believed we should start with elementary aged children yet when you look around, there are not many financial literacy programs available for kids or adults.

Before producing another product that would blend in with everything else available about money management, I took some time to think about how I could create something practical and useful.

My solution… My Money Matters: 52 Week Money Management Workbooks

There are three versions of the workbook

My Money Matters

The workbooks are broken up into four sections, each consisting of thirteen weeks that focus on a money management concept

  • Weeks 1-13 establish a foundation based on the Basic Money Management Principle – I will not spend more than I earn
  • Weeks 14-26 focus on goal setting and examining how money management can help you to achieve your goals
  • Weeks 27-39 provide a basic overview of some key financial terms and how they relate to your money matters
  • Weeks 40-52 examine investing and the role this strategy should play in your financial future

These workbooks are designed to be used by families and groups.  The content discussed each week focuses on a similar money management strategy in all three versions.  For example, the kids workbook would discuss planning for the future in terms of continuing education while the teens/young adults would discuss career options and the adults would be focusing on their retirement plans.

I realized that it was not enough to just talk about money management strategies.  In our experience based economy, people want to get involved, to do something.  Therefore, the workbooks are interactive.  Most weeks, you are asked questions and/or have assignments to complete.  Additionally, there are budget sheets for each week that ask you to list the money you have coming in that week (income) and then to plan for the money that will be going out(expenses).  Rather than solely focusing on a monthly budget, this micromanager will allow you to see where you may be overspending week to week and to make some decisions about what you can do differently.



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  • a friend or family member that needs help managing their money
  • a student away at college
  • a young person starting their first job
  • a child that you hope will grow up to save and invest their money

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