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December 29, 2010

Hi LaKesha, my name is Thomas Rorex. I just finished your book “Is She The ONE?” and found it quite entertaining. I really enjoyed your wit, humor and insight into relationships. The funny thing is I’m completely single. Background: 39y/o white male. Father, grandfather from Mobile, Alabama. I Bought your book at the “Beehive” in Monroeville, Alabama. Now a big fan and looking forward to more from you….

Thanks for the great read!

Thomas Rorex (via Email)



November 23, 2010

(5 Stars)  Is She The ONE? is a book written to help men determine if the woman in his life is The ONE or just the drama queen or the gold digger? This book is to help men open communication with his significant other and to learn more about the woman he plans to spend the rest of his life with and the woman who will be the mother of his kids. With the assistance of the book, men can start to build solid, meaningful, and long lasting relationships.

Not only is it an easy quick read, it is also very entertaining! I understand the concept of the book is to assist men make clear and conscious decisions when it comes to proposing to a woman. I know many people will ask why I am reading a book that is written for men. The answer is simple, the book may be written for men but both women and men can learn from it. By learning from it, the step to start building a strong foundation begins. The book breaks down many aspects of relationships that are obvious to some but some are oblivious to them as well. As LaKesha explained herself in the book, the book is for men to discover who is potential wife is, but as women we need to understand that most men “pop the question” for all the wrong reasons! In order for a marriage to last, which seems to lack nowadays, a man needs to understand who the woman they are planning to marry is. As the communication between couples starts to grow, the depth of the relationship moves away from the physicality of aspect. It helps to understand why we are in the relationships that we are and we learn how to determine whether he or she is worth keeping. GREAT way to view our present and future relationships without being blinded by the goggles.

Araceli (Goodreads)


October 12, 2010

I really love the stories that were used to drive home the points within the chapters.

Dr. Faith Abraham (Twitter)


Sept. 26, 2010

Gentlemen: If you’ve found that woman you really care about, the one who’s come <this close> to convincing you that you should spend the rest of your life with her, this book’s for you.

You say: “I don’t read books. Why would I read chick lit?”

Trust me on this one. You want to read it. You need to read it. LaKesha Womacks voice in Is She The ONE? speaks to every man ready to take that next step in his relationship. Her voice also squirms into those spots that we ladies like to keep locked in our sisterhood. What! Why would you tell him that, LaKesha? You know that’s one of our trump cards!

She spills the goods. She coaches us — ladies and gentlemen — through the process and reveals several red flags that most of us overlook; and she tells us what to expect if we do overlook them “just this once.”

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I read your book “Is She The One?” and thought it was great. I think that every man needs to read this book. Woman can also apply this book to themselves! I’m so proud of you!

Kanesche Nevlous (via Facebook)


I read your entire book! It is great, I love how you made it personal! Best of luck with it girl, you have a great outlook on your topic, and I know it will be a continued success!!!

Artica Johnson (via email)


Dear Kesha,

I’ve just finished reading your book, “Is She the One”. I first of all must congratulate you on an inspired effort. You have such a natural voice as a writer. I could easily imagine that you and I were back in our dorm room and you were telling me these things perched on the edge of your bed or standing with your hands on your hips waiting for your curling iron to heat up. . .

I must admit that when I first realized where you were going with the book, I thought, “a man would have to be a complete idiot to do all this stuff in order to figure out whether a woman was a Goldigger or a Drama Queen!”

The ‘types’ are so archetypal. They pervade every Terry McMillan book or Tyler Perry movie– you’d have to be in a coma not to recognize the signs. But, then I realized that your book isn’t just a ‘primer’ for a man thinking about ‘popping the question.’ You could have easily titled your book, “Getting to Know your Woman” or “Bringing back the Art of Courtship.”

So few men these days actually make the effort to get to know women! As women, we certainly bear part of the blame—low self esteem, biological clocks, lack of decent role models of good relationship have led us to tolerate things that would have made our grandmothers shake their heads. Relationships go from zero to practically married within days or weeks!

In my case, I was platonic friends with my now-husband for nearly 7 years (yes, really, no funny stuff—didn’t even consider it). Once we became a couple, you want to know when I figured out that I wanted to marry him? Well, it happens to be after we experienced your challenge number six: the road trip. When I took Dave to Tuskegee, Alabama to meet my family (not on a holiday), I took him completely out of his element. He drove on the wrong side of the road; got funny looks when picking me up from a Black nail salon and procured Popeye’s chicken and biscuits late at night . . . he took everything I could throw at him on that trip with grace and good humor. I knew I had not just a friend, but a life partner. I am very pleased to say that Dave and I have done every item on your list (even, ‘not tonight’) and we stronger as a couple as a result.

I hope that both men and women will read your book and are inspired to SLOW DOWN in their path to finding, “The One”.

Much Love,

Cindy (via Facebook)


If you’re trying to decide about your mate and if is she the one for you, this book can lead you in the right direction and give you some helpful tips. As adults sometime we need some help making the right decisions in our relationships, with the stories and assessments in this book you will know if she’s the one or if you have gold digger or drama queen. Trust me, you don’t want to get into a relationship and have someone that does not know how to help and support their partner in the relationship. Overall this book was a great read with helpful tips.

Kristena G. Sims (via


Everyone will thoroughly enjoy reading this book! “Is She the One?” is written for men who truly want to achieve a solid, lasting relationship – but I believe that women will also discover a lot about themselves from this book. LaKesha’s writing style makes this book very easy and enjoyable to read, while logically breaking down complex relationship issues. Other books on relationships try to convince the reader that a partner is “right” (or wrong) based upon the author’s experiences and opinion. This book succeeds by exploring a couple’s compatibility with each other, and details ways to realistically determine if their union can withstand the test of time. Whether you are newly dating or already in a committed relationship, this book provides valuable insight to determining if she is `The One’ for you.

Chavarro Floyd (via

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