Speaking Topics

My Money Matters

  • Budgeting: Starting Where You Are
  • Goals: Using Money as a Tool in Your Path to Success
  • Savings: How to Do It and Why You Can’t Afford Not To
  • Investing: Strategies to Enjoy Today While Planning For Tomorrow

Business Dollars and Sense

  • Employee Benefits on a Budget
  • Make Your Business Idea a Reality
  • Managing Stress in the Workplace
  • Starting a Non-Profit

Christian and Cool

  • Building Your Ministry:  Creating a Successful Ministry through Small Groups
  • Are You Ready to Become a Christian: From Believer to Witness
  • Personal Empowerment through Christ
  • The Great Commission: Answering Your Call and Fulfilling Your Purpose


  • Building Your Brand without Spending a Bundle
  • Using Social Media to Build Your Business
  • Generational Communication
  • The Art of Networking

Professional Development

  • From Volunteer to Board of Directors
  • Habits of Successful People
  • Image is Everything
  • Branding U

The Fabulous Life

  • Keepin’ It Real:  How to Live Up To Expectations
  • The Power of Positive Thinking
  • Work/Life Balance is Not a Myth
  • Mastering the Millionaire Mindset


Thank you again for coming to St. Luke and for delivering that powerful message. It was clearly God inspired and exactly what many of us needed to hear. My prayer is that some of our young people will become inspired to put some new things into motion. Things that are of Christ that will benefit them and St. Luke. I was thrilled that so many of them were actually at church Sunday. That’s just a testament to our commitment to Zion. Even though we sometimes stray, we show up when asked.

I read some of your book last night and I just subscribed and received my free e-book from your website. I am so impressed with everything that you are doing. Your website and everything about you  is so professional. I don’t mean to sound “shocked” but I just want you to know that knowing a young woman who has it so together is just a blessed thing to see. To witness for ones’ self. I shall pass your website and information on to my sisters in New York and to my friends all over the country. You are a shining example of what Alabama has to offer!!!!

Again thanks for coming, I truly enjoyed meeting you. AND my daughter who is a high school senior, has said multiple times how much she enjoyed you. I shall make sure she looks at your website too. I have always tried to expose her to positive people and made sure that she had a goal. She is graduating with honors and will be attending Johnson & Wales University in the fall and she plans to become a Pastry Chef, Author, Entrepreneur and Actress. LOL, I think she understands that all things are possible through Christ and seeing you is just icing on the cake. LOL, there I go gushing again … over you and her.

Lynda G. Dickinson, Young Adult in Christian Ministry (YACM) Director, St. Luke AME Zion Church


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