LaKesha Reviews…

I love to promote other people are doing great things in our society.  Whether through your writing or offering a product/service, many of you are making meaningful contributions to your community.

Do you want me to review your book or product?

I am now offering review services.  Please follow the following steps and your book or product could be featured on my blog and you could be interviewed on The LaKesha Womack Show to provide more information to our listeners.  Please understand that simply submitting your item does not guarantee that you will receive an interview on the show.

  1. Contact me using the form below and let me know that you are interested in having an item reviewed.
  2. I will respond within two business days to let you know if it something that I am interested in reviewing.
  3. You will have five business days to send the book/product to the address that will be provided in the reply message.
  4. Within two weeks, the book/product will be reviewed and you will receive an advance copy of my review.
  5. You will have two business days to accept the review and have it posted on my site or to decline the review and no further action will be taken.

No books/products will be returned and you will be responsible for all postage.

At your discretion, you may provide additional items for giveaway on the blog.

Your review will be posted on this site, promoted through my twitter account (@LaKeshaWomack), on my personal facebook page (LaKesha Womack), my business facebook page (Ms. LaKesha Womack), my linkedin account (WomackCG) and possibly on The Young Writer’s Block site.


What do you think?

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