Should Christians Go See “50 Shades of Grey”?

I was talking to a friend who is also in ministry the other day and the question came up about whether Christians should go see the movie “50 Shades of Grey“? I had been pondering the thought in my head since seeing the popularity with the book series and knowing that it was not all nonChristians contributing to it’s popularity.

50 shades of grey

Here are my five cents…

  1. Why are we discriminating against this one movie? It seems that there are a lot of erotica movies and books on the market yet this one has been targeted because it gained worldwide popularity with book sales.  If we are going to hold Christians to a higher standard in their reading and movie watching, shouldn’t this apply to all genres that would seemingly conflict with the teachings of Jesus – including movies depicting graphic violence?
  2. Why not view the movie? Ok, I know you may be a little confused with that question but why not use the movie as a teaching tool to examine what has become acceptable in society, how this acceptance has contributed to some of the relationship woes in our lives and begin a constructive dialogue about fixing the problem.
  3. Is this a female centered issue? This deals a little with my thought in #1 but it seems that the chief complaint that many people have deals with how the woman is portrayed in the movie yet I haven’t heard as many complaints about the perversions within men with money and power.  
  4. Does this movie appeal to some of our innermost desires?  I have not read the books but it seems that the fantasy contained within the narrative may be something that many fantasize about – men having the money and power to seduce a woman thereby gaining complete control over her, women having a man with the money and power to persuade her to step outside of her comfort zone and try things that she never imagined. Has the movie/book gained so much popularity because of this appeal?  Are critics mad because they refuse to acknowledge how this movie brings out desires they would prefer to suppress.
  5. Is it wrong to fantasize as long as we maintain perspective with reality? There is quite a bit of debate regarding some of the shows on television and whether Christians should watch them because they are not constructive in our Christian thinking and living.  However, some question why they can’t just be entertained for a few hours of their day without the heaviness of judgement.  Although many adults may fantasize about the lives they see on television and movie screens, most are mature enough to realize that they can’t carry those behaviors into their every day lives.  So they question the harm in a mental escape for a few hours per day.

I don’t think that there will ever be a concise answer from all the Christians in the world but I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.  I am sure you can tell that I am not opposed to those who want to see the movie seeing it.  I know that I probably won’t go but I am in no position to judge the decisions of others.  That may be their sin but sin is sin and I have my own sins to atone for without the luxury of judging the severity or even existence of sin in the next person.


9 thoughts on “Should Christians Go See “50 Shades of Grey”?

  1. Dinah Thompson says:

    I think this is an amazing article. To see someone who doesn’t support the movie or books, but doesn’t judge us who do. You truly are the example of what it is to be a Christian. I, myself, loved the books and am very excited about the movie. That being said, you nailed it for me. I love the books, its a fantasy world for me. It’s fun for me to read and to see, it’s an escape. Fantasy does not mean I want it for my reality. I agree, I would never want this as my real life. I am engaged to an amazing man. He is nothing like Mr Grey, and for my “real life”, he is perfect. This book, or any book like it, has not changed what is important to me. I did not get done reading the book and say, hmmm, I no longer want to marry you.

    Thank you for your point of view!


    • Congrats on your engagement! Having perspective is key in all areas of life. We are constantly viewing images of all sorts that we have to be able to properly process. The ability to do so, not the choice of whether we will or not, determines the outcomes in our lives.


  2. You hit it on the head with a sin is a sin. Don’t judge others because they sin differently from you. I tried reading the book but it did not hold my interest so I never finished it. Therefore I will not be seeing this movie.


  3. domesticlala says:

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with a Christian watching a movie or tv show. As long as the person is secure in their Christianity, a movie or tv show shouldn’t be a big deal, especially if they are not living their lives in that manner. I don’t see the big deal, but to each his own.


  4. I don’t really understand why you are being so equivocal about this. The bible is quite clear that as Christians we are supposed to, ‘flee from immorality’. Well, does getting in your car, driving to a theatre, purchasing a ticket and spending 2 hours plus watching a movie that has AS ITS CENTRAL THEME the perverted sexual exploits of two people who are not married sound like, ‘FLEEING’ to you?

    As Christians we are called upon to live a ‘fasted’ life. That is because what we consume does influence our thoughts and attitutes. We chose to abtain from certain things simply because our father says its better for us. When we do this, he rewards us by growing our faith. It makes life good and worth living.

    As for that whole, ‘my faith ought to be strong enough’ to withstand a little naughty business. . . well, again, that’s a cop out. We don’t grow faith because of our willpower. God grows faith in us. I’ll readily admit that in some areas, I have faith like a mustard seed (very small). Thinking I have the right to do whatever I want happens to be one of those areas. I don’t have that right because I have given my life to Christ.

    I’m sure that there are people who can see that film and focus on its ‘cultural commentary’ or whatever high-brow spin you want to put on it. However, as a leader in my Church, I would be absolutely mortified if one of our youth saw me going to see that film. If that did happen, I would seriously need to reconsider my priviledges in the Church.

    I would caution any single Christian to avoid films like this.

    I actually think that a more interesting question is whether it would be appropriate for a married Christian couple to see together.

    That’s a debate for another blog!


    • Interesting point of view but I don’t understand why this film is so much worse than most of the images that we see on television and in other movies. I think in our culture, because we must understand cultural differences when relating the Word, we can’t really expect people to flee from everything that was once considered immoral. We now live in a society where there is more immorality than morality. We can’t expect people to live in a bubble rather we have to learn to process so that we can live informed lives that bring us closer to Christ.


  5. I do respect your opinion, but, I fundamentally reject the logic that I can’t be close to Christ without putting my mind and heart into places that he hates. The bible’s morality hasn’t changed. People change– God doesnt.

    Please don’t get me wrong– I love books and movies! This is an area that I have suffered in my conscience over for most of my life.

    When I was single, it was the same thing– very lonely or arroused, read books (like the Grey books!) start feeling that I ‘deserved’ the great love of my life right now and intimacy and then when the tempation came along. . . I was in the devil’s trap. . . then feel guilty (repeat cycle).

    I used entertainment to feed a heart condition (discontentment about being single) and it lead me to sin. Not once, but MANY times.

    Its dangerous. The bible tells us that its dangerous because God knows how our hearts work. He should know. . . since he created them.

    I never said this particular film was worse than what’s on TV or in other movies. I avoid a lot of TV too. The last movie I saw was Annie and before that, Paddington!

    I’m sharing a principle that I believe is based on that bible. You asked for a Christian perspective and that’s what I believe I am sharing. I would like your bible-based support for your view. Otherwise, the original question was simply, ‘should I go see the Grey movies’ and the answer is, quite obviously, that you can do whatever you want.

    Everyone has free will but Christians chose to subjugate that will.

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