This business rocks… N’Sight Photography (@NSightPhoto)

People who really know me, know that I don’t like taking pictures.  Some think its because I’m too critical of my self, which is probably true, but the fact remains, I don’t take pictures and when I do, I’m reluctant to post them online.

A few years ago, a friend got married and I was in love with her wedding pictures.  I started following the photographer and knew that when my budget would allow, he had to be the man behind the camera.

One of my goals for this year was to begin rebranding my business.  I knew it was time to step up the images and it was a no brainer to call Neville Simpson, Owner/Photographer with N’Sight Photography.

He was so easy to work with!  Although some of the poses felt awkward, I trusted him because his images are like art.  He took his time to set up each pose, paying attention to what was behind me, beside me, how my hands, head and feet were positioned. In some shots, I would just hold my breath smiling until he told me I could move again.  I had high hopes for these pictures because I didn’t want to go through this ordeal again.

Fast forward about two weeks and I get the email that I had been waiting for… the proofs were ready to view.  I held my breath, once again, as I clicked through to get to the images.  They were good.  I was happy.

Fast forward another week… I wake up and my cell phone is going crazy!  I have Facebook alerts and inbox messages sending my phone into an early morning frenzy!  Neville had posted the pictures to an album and everyone loved them.  I am so appreciative to him for the hours he spent on the location, the shoot and the editing.  I wanted to channel a little bit of Olivia Pope’s style, Taraji Henson’s playfulness and Michelle Obama’s poise.  I feel pretty confident that he pulled that off.

If you need a photographer, contact Neville Simpson. He is an award winning professional who travels all over the world producing art through photography.


Don’t forget to tell him that I sent you 😉

lakesha collage

Dresses by Tahari.  Shoes from ShoeDazzle.


4 thoughts on “This business rocks… N’Sight Photography (@NSightPhoto)

  1. Love, Love Love! He captured you so well! I also feel the same way about photos– they last forever, so get the very best you can afford. Everyone has a camera these days. . but a real photographer also has a special eye that comes from experience.


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