Side Chick Consulting

Occasionally when looking at the stats on this site, I notice a spike in the site views.  Being curious, I go and check to see what my wonderful readers are searching for and what they love doesnt hurtare reading.

Imagine my surprise to find that on several occasions, readers have been searching variations of “side chick consulting” and “side chick consultant” to land at my site.  I have written about side chicks and I am a Consultant at a Consulting Company so I can see how Google would make the connection.  This is not the issue…

The burning questions in my mind are, “Why are people searching for a side chick consultant?” and “What do they expect to gain from side chick consulting?”

After speaking with a few friends, here are a few things they think side chick consulting prospects are seeking:

  1. Advice on how to handle the holidays when their boo thang is with his main thang
  2. How do I avoid having feelings for a man that I know will never be mine
  3. Strategies to make him leave his main chick
  4. Tips to prevent him from cheating once you become the main chick
  5. What should I do if I want to confront his other woman

I’m not sure the real reason people are actively searching for a Side Chick Consultant.  If you have some ideas, please share them because I am uber curious!


10 thoughts on “Side Chick Consulting

  1. LMBO! NO WAY! Wow! I’m thinking now that you have a post titled “Side Chick Consulting” you will get a lot more hits, especially on this page! Hopefully one of those seeking consulting on their side-chick-dom will post a comment and clue us in to what they’re really looking for! Your list is pretty good, especially #4! I’m sure that is a legit question that may come up more often than not. Also, I’m thinking there’s going to be the ones who want to know how to keep him from dropping the main chick, because they’d rather continue to be the side-chick than get an unwanted “upgrade”! I remember having a similar conversation with some folks on a #SSMchat! Always interesting how different people have different needs and motives.


  2. Wow, interesting! don’t really know what else such a specific consultant would be for? And how do you bill someone for your consulting services? It’s not like you can take a certain percentage of their happiness!


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