Money Talk with LaKesha on She’s Royal Radio

Money Talk with LaKesha on She’s Royal Radio

Join me and my girl, LaKisha Mitchell, for a blogtalkradio show on Tuesday, July 8th at 8:30pm CST/ 9:30pm EST.

shes royal radio

LaKisha Mitchell is the host of She’s Royal Radio, an online station that will will inspire, empower and embrace the black community by discussing topics that affect us. Somewhere in this journey called life WE failed to educate the younger generation about the values and morals we were taught. It’s time for our Kings & Queens to return to the throne.

On this episode, we will be discussing money management and tips for saving.

Do you have questions about your personal or business finances?  Call in 347-857-1258 and ask your questions on the air.

If you prefer to ask privately, inbox me on my Facebook page -> and your identity will remain anonymous.

Don’t forget to order your copy of My Money Matters on today!  We have versions for Kids, Teens and Adults so the whole family can learn better and do better!



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