A Ding in My Heart…

What happens when a closed heart opens up?

I wonder how many single people are out there asking, “where in the fudge is my happily ever after?”

How do you resist the temptation to pimp slap people who ask

– Why are you still single?

– What’s wrong with you?

– When are you getting married?

Why does it hurt so bad? Why do I feel so sad?

When will they finally accept that I am human too?



All of that randomness just poured out but here is the point -> Some days, being single is the best thing in the world.  Some days, it just flat out sucks!! Ironically, the day you break up with the person you thought you were building a future with, is one of those days when it really sucks.

**warning: don’t read too much into my writing, some days i write based on (real and imagined) emotions…


5 thoughts on “A Ding in My Heart…

  1. Hey girl… I’m married to my best friend, and some days it’s great, and some days it plain sucks! Being happy is not defined by our marital status, it’s defined by you and your decision to live your best life regardless. Wish people wouldn’t be so judgmental and instead focus on the more fundamental things that truly matter.


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