Oh, how I love @ShoeDazzle

Oh, how I love @ShoeDazzle

Every one who knows me knows that I love ShoeDazzle shoes.

I became a fan after seeing one of their commercials and wondering if I could really get such cute shoes at such a good price. I took the quiz and my inbox became consistently occupied with shoe suggestions, each one more beautiful than the next.

*fast forward two years*

There are about thirty plus pairs of shoes in my closet that have my captured my heart and the love of a few friends. Each time I ‘submit order’ I am anxiously awaiting the delivery guy’s arrival at my door to unveil the new addition to my collection. One of the best feelings for a single lady like me is coming home from a business trip to see a ShoeDazzle box waiting for me. One day I felt the need to share this sentiment with my tweople on Twitter and I guess ShoeDazzle was paying attention because they featured my tweet in one of the television commercials.

Check them out for yourself… The site is legit… The shoes are gorgeous and the service is exceptional! ->

Make sure you tell them @LaKeshaWomack sent you 😉


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