Brenda Parson: Getting Creative with Your Holiday Giving @BrenParson

Brenda Parson

My guest on this episode of The LaKesha Womack Show will be Brenda Parson.  Brenda is the Founder and Owner of Volunteer2Serve&Give LLC and Brelyn Treats.  Most of us have a limited amount of time and financial resources yet we want to be a blessing to those who are less fortunate than us.  Brenda will share strategies with us about creative ways that we can use what we have to help others.

You can listen to the show live at 12p CST on Thursday, November 14 or visit to listen at any time!

About Brenda…

Brenda is the Founder and Owner of Volunteer2Serve&Give LLC and Brelyn Treats. Volunteer2Serve&Give is a Certified Volunteer President’s Service Award Organization. They are also an organization that gives back to the community and promotes volunteerism. Brelyn Treats is an online, Charlotte-based, small business that sells chocolate covered pretzels and marshmallow pops.

Brenda received the 2013 Volunteer Service of Excellence Award from the Philanthropy Committee at Wells Fargo. On September 7, 2013, the Mayor of Charlotte, NC issued a Proclamation honoring The Giving Boutique. Brenda was also recognized by Black Celebrity Giving as the ambassador for the city of Charlotte, NC. In November of 2012, Brenda was named the Volunteer Team Captain at the Democratic National Convention and in 2011 the Governor from the State of Alabama issued her a Commendation Letter for Volunteerism based on her service during the Disaster Relief when the tornado hit the city of Tuscaloosa, AL.

Brenda Parson

Connect with Brenda…


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