God, send me a sign… #SummerLoveSeries #BeingMaryJane

I have to be honest… when I saw the trailers and advance promotion by a lot of my blogger friends about the upcoming series “Being Mary Jane” featuring Gabrielle Union; I wasn’t that excited…

However, I saw a clip of Miss Mary Jane in bed with her lover, leaning over him while he slept, whispering “God, send me a sign” (those may not have been her exact words but you get the picture)

Anyway, I knew I had to watch at least the first episode simply because I have found myself praying that same prayer way too many times.  Oddly, many situations were a lot like Mary Jane’s.  I knew in the depths of my heart that this guy I wanted so very badly to be mine was not… I knew it.  But like Mary Jane, I was waiting for God to confirm it.

I don’t know how God works in your life but for me and Miss Mary Jane… He has no problem giving you the sign that you seek.

If you didn’t watch then I can fill you in – the guy proceeds to throw up on Mary Jane while they’re laying in bed but she gets him all cleaned up then he looks at her and tells her that he loves her which fills her with glee until she’s cleaning up his stuff and steps on his wedding band…

Yeah, that felt pretty familiar too… Not that I have ever stepped on a wedding band but I have definitely found myself in some situations where the words coming from his mouth sounded like honey in my ear but I wasn’t paying attention to the signs that I had been asking God to send to me.  If I had, and I’m sure if Mary Jane had also, we both would have saved ourselves some heartache.  It seems like such a familiar story for women these days to get all excited about the potential of a man only to find out and that he isn’t who you thought he was.  So many times, we try to tell ourselves that we were played, used or whatever but the reality is that we didn’t pay attention to the signs.

I’m interested to see how the series plays out because the teasers lead us to believe that although Mary Jane kicked the lover out of her house AND told his wife about their affair… they continue to see each other…

Have you ever found yourself asking God for a sign about the person you are seeing?  Did you get a sign?  If so, what did you do next?


2 thoughts on “God, send me a sign… #SummerLoveSeries #BeingMaryJane

  1. I learned to ask God for His perspective concerning the men I was interested in. A tip my Pastor/Mentor gave me. I never valued this principle, but after experiencing much heartache, I began to place a higher value on God’s wisdom and understanding when it comes to my relationships(romantic & non-romantic). One time I asked God for His perspective after going on a date with a man I was interested in. I closed my eyes for a minute after I asked Him and He showed me a man with his face blurred out walking with me at an apparent wedding ceremony.We were about to get married. Then I hear, “A man without a vision is like a man with no head, he doesn’t know who he is or where he’s going.” Honestly, I already knew that I didn’t want to move forward with him just yet because he was unable to answer two of my most important questions: 1) What is the vision for your life? 2) How do you want your life to be in the next year? At almost 30 years old, I was already working on and living out my dreams and he wasn’t sure what he wanted out of life. This was important because as I helpmate, I can’t operate in my role if you don’t have a place for me to fit in, or help with. Could I have moved forward with this man and had a great life, yes. Was I being too picky, no? I told him I didn’t want to move forward with him and briefly explained why. He understood, sought God for a vision for his life, met a woman whom he connected with better than me and got married! I was excited for him! Everyone has value, and even though I chose not to be with him, God taught me even in that situation, that sometimes greatness has to be cultivated. There was nothing wrong with the man. He was sweet, kind, fun to be with, etc….I could have waited a month or two for him because his desire was to be married and after our conversation he understood that as a man, you have to bring vision to the table. I did the same thing for my fiance, and God showed me all the signs that he was His recommendation for me. “The man that is enamoured with you because they see your true value and worth…that man is the one!” – from Edge Empowerment Relationship Class (The Winner’s Edge Church-Omaha, NE). My fiance was and still is enamoured with me! I pushed him away in the beginning because I wasn’t used to a man showing me so much affection. I was scared, but those were the signs God kept showing me: how he treated me, what he said, his vision for his life, how he pursued me, and He used different people that I treasured to help me. Although I initially didn’t follow through, I’m thankful the door opened up again for us. August 31st can’t get here soon enough! Scott & Zollicoffer Wedding 2013


    • Congratulations and I totally agree with you… When we seek God in our relationships, He is so faithful in showing us the signs we seek. I think as humans we often forget to seek and be obedient to the visions He provides. Your story is a great testimony.


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