Can I really have it ALL? #SummerLoveSeries

One of the issues that I have been discussing with my girl friend is, what am I willing to give up for love.


You all know that I believe that I can have it ALL, however “all” does not mean everything.  All, in my opinion, is deciding what are the two to four most important things in your life and pouring yourself into them.  I believe that many people have become disappointed in their own lives because their list is too long.  We are all humans with 24 hours in a day, there is only so much that you can accomplish no matter how much assistance you have.  And if you have no assistance, if every buck stops with you, then your list is probably going to be a little shorter.

Anyway, the past few years, I think I have been successful at having it all.  My priorities were – God (serving in ministry), family/friends (spending quality time with the people who I care about, actually being present in moments) and business (becoming a profitable entrepreneur).

Here is the problem – where does love fit in there?  Love, in the sense of loving a man, definitely can’t come before God.  Should love come before family and friends? We’ve all heard the stories of women who put their man before the people who had been there for them all of their life and when the relationship ended, their support team was gone.  Then there’s the business… Can love come before business?  My business is almost nonstop.  I’m always on my computer, on the phone, traveling, doing something and I love it.  It doesn’t seem like a chore for me, it feels like my professional purpose.  Am I ready to push that down on the list for love?

In the past, love has been on the bottom of my short list and honestly, that’s not working very well.  After all of those other obligations are filled, I have little left to give to love.  There is little time, there’s little energy… So to stop the insanity, something has to change, but what?

time for love


What do you think?

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