I am flyy, female and fabulous!

On Saturday, March 9th; I had the pleasure of being one of the speakers at Jamie Fleming-Dixon‘s launch party for her magazine – flyy, female and fabulous.  I was honored that she would choose me to be a part of  her event but I would not have missed it for anything even if I wasn’t participating.

Jamie and I met through social networking a few years ago and we have become friends as well as colleagues   I was blessed to be at her wedding and we have worked together on a few projects including her being featured in my book, Success Secrets for the Young & Fabulous.

One of the reasons that I am so proud of Jamie launching her magazine is because I remember less than a year ago this magazine was just an idea.  That is very significant to me, especially as a Business Consultant.  I meet people all of the time who have great ideas but they don’t execute.  Days, weeks and months go by and nothing has changed in their lives.  Jamie took this idea, we created a plan and then she was off.  Before we knew it, January was here and so was her magazine.

I am so thankful, not just as a Business Consultant, to be a part of this process but as her friend.  If you want to be great, surround yourself with people who are also striving for greatness!

flyy female fabulous launch

Check out some of the highlights of the magazine launch held at Bouchic in Atlanta Georgia and get your copy of the flyy, female and fabulous magazine (available in digital and print).  You can even read about my Entrepreneurial Journey 😉


4 thoughts on “I am flyy, female and fabulous!

  1. Diane Corriette says:

    Sounds like a brilliant magazine. It really does help to have great people around when we are striving to achieve something. Good luck to her and the magazine.
    I nominated you for a Liebster Award. Look forward to reading your response if you choose to play 🙂


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