[GUEST POST] Cloud Storage for Small Businesses

These days, it seems we can hardly go a day without hearing something about how much technology is changing the ways we work and do business. Indeed, with a new smart phone, tablet, or other electronic gadget being released seemingly every week, communication standards are constantly being upgraded. Of course, the benefits of these changes for small businesses are easy to understand: file transfer, email, and other communications can now occur more quickly and simply than ever before, which helps employees to maximize work output. In fact, communication now occurs so quickly and frequently through online means, that many small business owners are even looking into increased file sharing support and security through companies such as Share File.

Among all of these changes and advances in communication and Internet capability, one development that is particularly exciting in environments like that of a small business is cloud storage. With more and more work being done electronically, it has become paramount to back up and store files in a secure and reliable manner, and no matter how advanced our devices become, they will always be prone to certain errors. For example, consider the following potential malfunctions and misfortunes for important files and work documents.

    • Lost Devices – When employees are working on a project, presentation, document, etc., it is most common for them to save this work on personal devices such as computers, tablets, phones, or even USBs. However, if these devices are subsequently lost, all of that work disappears, which can set back the entire business.
    • Damaged Devices – Even if a device is not lost, it can still be damaged, which in turn can ruin the work all the same. Whether that means accidentally dropping and stepping on a USB, getting water damage on a phone or laptop, etc., accidents occur, and can erase or destroy valuable data and work.
    • Other Malfunctions – Additionally, it is worth considering the random, unpredictable malfunctions that can occur with any electronic equipment. For example, an employee may be working on a laptop that suddenly freezes or dies for no apparent reason. In such instances, files and important work can be beyond retrieval.

Cloud StorageThese types of issues can be somewhat rare in a work environment, but they are always unpredictable, and can still cause disastrous setbacks for the entire business. Instead of risking these mishaps, many small business owners are opting to bring in cloud storage systems – which essentially provide a means of backing up and saving work data automatically, without reliance on specific devices. With cloud storage, you can access saved work from virtually any Internet device – meaning that even if you lose the laptop you work on, you can log into the cloud from your smart phone and access your work. The potential benefits in file security and work efficiency are well worth considering for any effective small business.

This is a guest post by Dale Simmons. Dale is a blogger and freelance writer who posts on topics in the technology field.


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