It’s all about… Anthony Dorsett Jr.

When I first moved to Nashville TN, I knew very little about professional football.  Please keep in mind that I am from Alabama… Roll Tide and War Eagle are ingrained in our spirits.  Yeah, we watch professional football on some Sundays but when you get this far south; Saturday is for football and Sunday is all about church.

Anyway, one day I was at work and this very handsome young man comes into the restaurant.   I had the pleasure of being his waitress and some of my friends were like, “do you know who that is?” and of course I’m like, “No…” and they say, “that’s Anthony Dorsett…” as if its supposed to mean something to me.  Mind you this was before smart phones so I couldn’t whip out my iPhone and Google him while putting his order into the computer so I had to rely on my friends to give me the quick rundown on his father being a Hall of Fame football player and how he was a player for the Tennessee Titans.  Sadly to say, I wasn’t impressed lol

I was impressed with his humility…

Anthony came into our restaurant on a semi-regular basis (not too often because we were not known for our healthy food selections) and I had the pleasure of occasionally being his waitress and getting to know him.  Growing up as the son of a professional (Dallas Cowboy) player and being a NFL player, I would have expected his arrogance to be through the roof but he always came across as a genuine and humble young man.

So when I heard about his latest initiative, I knew that it was something that I wanted to share with you all because part of my passion is highlighting people in our community who are trying to have a positive impact on the lives of those around them.

The Dorsett Health Spectacular’s mission is to provide free health fairs and screenings throughout the country.  This year, they will be kicking off in New Orleans during Super Bowl week to provide local residents and visitors with a variety of medical services.  These health fairs have the potential to go into many under-served communities and provide access to medical services that might not otherwise be available.  If you will be in or around New Orleans on January 30, 2013; make plans to join Anthony Dorsett Jr, Dr Corey Hebert of Black Health TV and Dr Kimberly Clay of Sisterbration for free health screenings and medical services.

Dorsett Health Spectacular - New Orleans 2013


Dorsett Health Spectacular 2013

Get to know Anthony Dorsett Jr.

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Come hang out with me at one of his Super Bowl 2013 Events!

Super Bowl Watch Party with Anthony Dorsett 2CHAINZ FINAL SuperSundayNObashside2theirflyer


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