Confession: My Greatest Fear

There are so many things in our world to fear – heights, flying, spiders, unmasked gunmen, the end of the world… The list goes on and on but as I embark on another project (yes, another project) I started thinking about my greatest fear.

So, I’m working on putting this thing together and my mind slipped to

What are people going to think?

Will they like it?

Will they get it?

Will they support it?

Yeah, that list can go on and on but then it hit me, my greatest fear…

I fear not trying more than I fear failure.  I fear being eighty years old wondering what if I had tried this or what if I had tried that… I have had so many great experiences that some people might look at and wonder what the point of it was but every thing that I have tried has taught me something that made me better for something that came next.  As much as I want to be accepted by others, I want to make myself proud more.  I’m not fearless and negative self talk holds me back from doing a lot of things but when I have a vision and I can see it clearly then I feel compelled to create a plan and go for it.

When working with my clients, I often encourage them to push forward when they have a great idea (if it’s feasible and fits within their overall brand).  Some people may look at the things that they are doing and think that its never going to work or that they are wasting their time.  But, how can you look at some one else’s dream and determine it’s worth?

Today, I can say that I’m proud of myself for trying… I don’t know exactly what success looks like but I know that it feels good knowing that I have the power to turn off the outside noise, put on my headphones blasting some good music into my brain and get to work making my visions a reality!

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