Stay True to YOU!

Do you ever sit down and feel this overwhelming sense of sadness?  It’s like something on the inside just doesn’t feel settled.  There isn’t necessarily anything wrong but you feel a pain or longing in your heart.  It could be the suppressed issues that you aren’t dealing with.  It could be the weight of the problems in the world that you feel powerless to change.  It could be your heart crying out for someone who you know is going through it in their own life.

It can be tempting to just dismiss the feeling and try to carry on as if nothing is happening but I think your emotional well-being deserves more attention.  I am amazed at how much I care about and try to pay attention to other people’s feelings but then I stop and wonder when I will make time for my feelings?

How often do you give yourself an emotional tune up?

How often do you look on the inside and think about all of the stuff that you are dealing with and realistically ask how you are coping?

It’s easy to say that you don’t care, that everything is ok and that it doesn’t matter but it’s really hard to admit that we have feelings and that they hurt sometimes.  It’s almost becoming socially acceptable not to have feelings.  We are just supposed to suck it up and deal with whatever is going on.  Oh yeah, if you’re a Christian then you shouldn’t ever complain because you have to have a strong faith that God is going to take care of everything.  I get that but we are human and it’s normal for us to feel and to have questions.

Today, I was sitting at my computer, working on some websites, listening to some music in my headphones and I started crying.  Normally, I am very removed from my emotions but for a few minutes some things that I had made the decision not to deal with came boiling to the surface and I was kind of overwhelmed, actually pretty overwhelmed if you ask the tears streaming down my face.

However, once I finished my little mini episode, I felt a lot better.  That was kinda weird considering I didn’t think I felt bad but it was refreshing to clear some  things out.  I think it’s important for us to acknowledge our emotions.  We can’t always share what we are really feeling with other people but if you are never honest with anyone in your life, stay true to you.  


What do you think?

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