Practicing Your Politics: Tips for the Social Media Activist

In the wake of yesterday’s senseless tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton Connecticut; I have seen a lot of social media commentary regarding the need for stricter gun control and/or better access to mental health treatment.

As social media has continued to grow in popularity, so has social media activism but rarely does the social media activist do any more than post opinions online. I would advise anyone with the bravado to post their opinions as a ‘call to action’ to also take action. When you feel strongly about an issue, such as reinstating prayer in our schools, it’s great to share your opinion online to see how many retweets and likes that you can generate but it’s more important to understand your local, state and federal laws on the issues. From there, find out where your elected official stands and votes on the issue. If you are going to communicate your desires for change or enforcement, these are the persons who should be the primary targets of your messages. They must be held accountable to supporting the will of their constituents, you the voter.

This is the path to change…

I will not complain about anything that I am not willing to work to change. Not working for the social change that I believe in makes me a part of the problem and not a part of the solution. (LaKesha Womack)

Is there action after you post?Image courtesy of

Is there action after you post?
Image courtesy of


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