5 Questions for Mitt Romney


I watched almost every Republican primary debate, watched both the DNC and RNC conventions as well as the first Presidential debate and before I cast my vote on November 6th, I have five questions for Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney:

  1. What impact will environmental deregulation have on our environment?  I understand the concept of deregulation,  if a business is allowed to do whatever they want then of course they will make more money by taking short cuts and not ensuring healthy conditions, which obviously cost more to provide, but how will that effect our country environmentally in the long-term?
  2. How will you provide America with better public education opportunities when you have alluded to cutting such programs as the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and the National Endowment of the Arts (NEA)? It seems that well-rounded individuals are more likely to achieve the type of success that you have achieved versus those simply trained to perform skilled labor.  Do you believe the government should continue to subsidize organizations that provide cultural education?
  3. Does your health care plan cover pre-existing conditions?  As a small business owner who has Type 1 Diabetes, I can buy insurance but it is extremely expensive and does not cover my diabetes.  Will your plan help someone like me?
  4. How will you replace the components of government that you cut?  Will these areas be privatized or will the services just not be available any more?  Also, which specific areas of government will you be reducing?  How many jobs will that cost us?  How will you replace those jobs so that our economy continues to grow?
  5. Finally, what exactly is Mormonism?  I have heard a lot of criticism that President Obama is an alleged Muslim, however you are a professed Mormon and we seem to know very little about the religion.  How  will your religious belief guide you in policy making?  Do you truly believe that God spoke directly to Joseph Smith?  It seems that the  Mormon religion promotes a very strong sense of family values, why don’t you reference this more when talking about your vision of family values?



What do you think?

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