5 Sources of Blogging Inspiration

As a blogger/writer,  sometimes it is hard to find inspiration…

You may have a million thoughts swirling through your head but it can be hard to grab one and commit a few hundred words to.  For anyone out there who may be going through a similar situation, here are five sources of blogging inspiration for me:

  1. My muse – there is a special person in my life that I can talk to about EVERYTHING! Many of our conversations cause me to think deeply about a subject then I’m ready to write.
  2. Current events – most of us have an opinion about what is happening in the world around us.  I have noticed that some bloggers are shying away from commenting on political and social issues because they don’t want to alienate a segment of their readers but I think that my readers are enlightened enough to not  take offense if I don’t agree with them on a certain subject.  If they do, you should ask yourself if it worth staying confined to their limited perception of you or being free to speak your mind, after all isn’t that a lot of what writing is about?
  3. Family/friends – I have some crazy people in my life.  Not like committed to an asylum crazy but those people who just speak their minds and let out a big laugh afterwards.  Some of our conversations manifest in life lessons that I craft into a “Success Secret”.  The key to writing about people that you know is 1. not to ever use their name unless it’s something really good 2. don’t write specifically about what you talked about and 3. don’t betray someone’s confidence in you for the sake of a story.  Some people can become hurt when they see themselves in your writing, especially in a negative way.
  4. Events – its good to get out and meet people.  You would be surprised how inspired to write you can become from meeting random strangers (lol). Sometime I just sit back and think of what great story the conversation will be.
  5. Business – a lot of the articles on my business blog (http://WomackCG.com) come from incidents with clients, previous experiences or information I learn from reading business articles and figure out how it can be applicable to my audience.  There may be a subject that you are really interested in, read a lot about and find yourself constantly searching for more information; become a content creator with that information.  The key to not plagiarizing is making sure you put your own perspective on the information that you are reading/researching.

I hope this helps… Feel free to share some of the things that inspire you to blog…


4 thoughts on “5 Sources of Blogging Inspiration

  1. elisichi says:

    Nice post! I like the fact that you wrote an entry on where you get your inspiration from rather an inspired entry like all of us do all the time. Since you asked, my inspiration comes from quotes, music, films, and all the stuff you said!


  2. I can definitely relate to this. I will come up with an idea for a blog post, write it out so key points that I want to touch on and that’s as far as it goes. I find that when I talk the ideas out or have a normal conversation with people around me then I come out with ideas.

    I’ve also found that reading helps me come up with ideas too. Both fiction and non-fiction can help because I’ve had times where it will spark an idea and then I have a post. Same thing happens to me when I watch TV or listen to Pandora.


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