Why lie?

My mother teases me because she knows that I love a good debate…

It can be somewhat shameful at times that I take so much joy in debating but I have an issue with people who don’t debate based on truth.  You all know that I am a HUGE fan of President Obama – not just because we share the same  birth day, are both left-handed and he is… (enough of that) but I think he is one of the most intelligent and collected men that I have ever seen in a leadership position.

It does not bother me that some people disagree with me.  I have even read some of their disturbing remarks and did not feel offended.   However, I draw the line at people attempting to debate based on lies.  You can debate your feelings on an issue but please don’t try to debate when the foundation of your argument is a lie.

I have seen some people try to debate someone whose premise is a lie and I just shake my head because it is impossible and somewhat foolish to do so.  I have tried to stay away from just blatantly calling people out on their lies but I am so far past perplexed about what happened at the Republican National Convention last week and the story line that continues until I could not continue not saying anything.

I need someone to help me to understand how someone who wants to be MY leader can stand up and lie to me?  How can I trust you to lead me when I can’t trust you to be honest with me?

I know that some will say well President Obama lied because he said he was going to do this and he was going to do that…

I get it but let us be clear… President Obama was making assumptions about what he thought he would be able to do.  This group is lying about things that actually happened! How do you do that? How do you recreate facts? Again, if you say that you feel a certain way about an issue and I don’t agree then let’s debate that but you can’t just lie about something that didn’t happen and expect us to have an intelligent conversation.

If you position is strong… If you are so much better… WHY LIE?


What do you think?

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