Are you following the “Basic Money Management Principle”?

I’m not a genius…

I don’t believe that anything that I do or say is earth shattering or rocket science…

However, I have found that many of life’s lessons that some of us deem to be common sense are not so easy for others to apply in their lives.  I love to write and share my experiences with who ever happens upon my blog or one of my books.  Some of the information that I share is from personal experience, some based on professional advice while some of it is just my opinion.

When I created the My Money Matters Workbook series, I drew upon my professional experiences as a Financial Adviser and my personal experiences with the managing and often mismanaging of my own money.

The Basic Money Management Principle sounds easy – I will not spend more that I earn.  However, if it were easy then everyone would do it.  We live in a consumer driven society that tells us that we should have the best of everything and that we can put off paying for what we want today and pay for it later.  We have confused amassing wealth with creating an image of looking rich.  This behavior has landed many Americans in foreclosure, with a mountain of debt and some unable to fund their own retirement and/or children’s education.  We can blame the economy for some of this but at some point, we have to look in the mirror and ask ourselves, “What can I do to change my financial situation?  What role did my thoughts about money play in getting me into this situation?”

Unlike major corporations, most of us don’t have anyone to bail us out of our financial crisis.  Once we find ourselves in a dung pile, we have to start shoveling our way out.  Without having an understanding of money and money matters, this can seem difficult and almost impossible.  Layer upon that the necessity to teach our children to live better and do better than we have and the situation can really seem hopeless for some people.

I hope you have committed yourself to taking this journey with me… I am prepared to give you the tools necessary to proclaim, “MY MONEY MATTERS!” and to start changing your mindset about money and what you do with it.

Take the first two steps today…

  1. Order your workbook – we have versions for Adults, Teens/Young Adults and Kids –
  2. Follow the My Money Matters Video Series on YouTube –

I’ve made my share of money mistakes and I’m not afraid to admit it but I refuse to allow my past to dictate my future.  I know better and I’m going to continue to do better and I hope you will join me…


What do you think?

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