It takes a man to be a father…

I know some of the women won’t agree with me on this but even as single moms we can’t take the place of a father in our kids lives…
How do I know?
No matter how much my mom did for my brother whose father was killed before he was born; my brother still longs for the love of his dad…
Even my son has moments when no matter how much I’m doing with him, for him; he just wants his dad…
Today I honor all of the men who are playing the role of a father in the lives of their children and/or someone else. It takes a man to be a father.


4 thoughts on “It takes a man to be a father…

  1. Words of truth LaKesha as we long for love from our father. It’s by God’s design that we seek love from our earthly and heavenly father. That is why it is my purpose that God gave me to train men as have to attack the curse of Fatherlessness. Building me of godly character in the world.


    • Ramone, I think that is one of the most important ministries in our society today. So many people think that it is only about the children but we have to also work on the family dynamics so that these kids are going home to nurturing environments that promote the same values demonstrated in the church and other organizations. However, those young men who don’t have father figures available must be trained on what it means to be a man, the head of a household, the provider in a relationship; the things that as much as a mother may try, can not teach her son. I pray that God continues to use you to do the mighty work entrusted to you.


  2. Yes, I agree, and will go a step further and add that it’s not being said in a negative manner, not at all, much respect to all the women who are mom/dad in the lives of their children. But just as a man could never truly provide that nurturing of a mom, there are certain things about a dad’s love which only a man can provide to his child.

    Nonetheless, much respect to ALL standing their ground.


    • So true… I think too many people try to diminish the importance of having a father figure in their lives. The man had to have some significance otherwise, it seems God would have had women to get pregnant spontaneously…


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