it’s not always good news…

Most of us try to live life on the good side but at some point we must confront the bad stuff that happens. One of the joys of the human experience is our ability to continue to believe in the goodness of this world despite all of the evil that surrounds us.

Over the past couple of weeks I have found myself in situations praying for good news…

Twin nine-year olds missing from a local town and their picture was circulated by the news and online media as we prayed for their safe return

A friend texts me to say one of her friends is on life support after suffering internal bleeding because of a domestic violence incident with her boyfriend.  We prayed to God for her physical and mental healing

In both of these experiences, I tried not to think of the negative outcome that could result.  Instead, I felt comfortable believing that God would answer our collective prayers and the twins would return home while this young lady would leave the hospital with the strength to confront her boyfriend and move forward in her life passed this situation.

However, that’s not what happened.  The twins were found dead on the side of a dirt road along with their elderly caretaker and the young lady died several days after being admitted to hospital.

Many of us have to reconcile these events within the context of our spiritual selves.  Why didn’t God answer our prayers?  The Bible says that the prayers of the righteous have power (James 5:16) so we sometimes wonder why our prayers aren’t answered. How can these innocent children be killed and tossed aside like bags of trash?  How could this young lady’s life be cut short because of foolish love?  Where is God in the midst of these situations?

I stand firm on the promise of eternal life (1 John 2:25).  Many of us are concerned with the effects of life here on Earth but believers in Christ have to stay focused on the real prize, eternal life.  No one is too old or too young to confess their sins and accept Christ as their Savior.  It is no longer enough for us to believe but we need to ensure that those around us believe and believe with all of their heart because none of us know the day nor the hour that we will be called to meet our Savior.

Situations will happen in life and we cannot always be certain that we will hear good news of a child’s safe return or that a friend will suffer will survive a catastrophic accident, so it is up to us to us to answer the call of the Great Commission  (Matthew 28:16-20) and teach them the ways of Christ so that no matter what happens, we can feel some level of assurance that despite anything they may go through, God is with them.  That is the only confront that I have when thinking of the final moments of these innocent twins wondering what is happening to them and why… when thinking of the young lady who must have spent her final moments thinking over her life and all of things she would probably do differently…

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