[GUEST POST] 7 Ways Working Moms Can Take Care of Themselves

Working moms need to take care of themselves, even though sometimes it seems quite impossible. Even if it means you have to give up a bit of money or leave your kids in front of the TV for a half hour, it will eliminate stress and help your health in the long run!

Here are some wonderful ways for working moms to take a load off…

Hot Baths

Nothing feels better than to sink into a hot bubble bath to release stress and tension. Not only is the hot water calming, but add in a nice bath pillow to help you relax. Lay your head back, close your eyes and sink into the comfort of your own tub. Adding a nice candle and book to read will help you relax even more and enjoy some time just for you.

Eat Well

Most working moms don’t eat well enough. It seems that we are always on the run and grabbing a piece of fruit or an order of fries to go does the trick. If you work harder to eat three good meals a day, comprised of whole foods, you will feel much better.


As much as you feel exhausted when you get home from a long day’s work, find some time to get out and take a 20 minute walk or pop in a 30 minute exercise video. It will help you feel much better and relieve a lot of stress at the end of a tough day. Some yoga can help you unwind AND give you more energy!

Live it Up

Do what you can to look and feel your best. Get a new haircut or change the color. Wear the nicest clothes you can afford and ones you have been hoping to have. You deserve that nice outfit! Go out and have a spa day for you. Get a massage! Even one day of pure ecstasy can help for a month.


Count your blessings. Make a list of all the things you feel gratitude for. Think about what you are grateful for and have your kids make the same type of list. It will make you feel better to see all the things you really do have in your life and to know that your kids are happy and thankful too.

Get Help

You should never feel obligated to do everything yourself. Get some family and friends to help. Have a babysitter come in every now and again to get out for a few hours. Trade off babysitting evenings with the neighbor. Let someone help you with the yard work or go to the grocery store for you. You will find that you feel better and that people enjoy being needed! As long as you’re willing to help out with something in return, you’re golden!


Don’t expect so much. Lower those expectations of yourself and of your kids. You don’t always have to be that super mom person and they don’t always have to be those super kids. Cut some slack for all of you and watch how much simpler life can be without such high expectations.

All working moms need a break now and again. The key is taking that break and doing something special for yourself!

Kris Paige writes about finance, parenting and saving money at www.creditscore.net.


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