Could $300 really make a difference in life?

I posed a similar question of Facebook a few weeks ago asking which was a better investment – $600 for one share of Apple stock or $600 for a new iPad…

Today I am going to take the scenario a little further…

What could I do with $300?  Being a lover of Coach Leather products, I have decided that my (hypothetical) choices are as follows…

  1. A new monogrammed Coach bag.  I value quality products, want to look good and with summer around the corner I need a nice bag to travel with. In ten years I am sure that I will have no idea where this bag is…
  2. Four shares of Coach (COH) stock, which was valued at $7.08 ten years ago (4/23/2002) and as of April 24, 2012 is valued at $71.87 (see Morningstar Report for complete details).  Holding this stock for the next ten years could prove to be a worthwhile investment…
  3. Donate the money to a local youth program.  Although I may  not be able to see a tangible return on my investment, I am confident that I will play a small part in the change of at least one young person’s life. In ten years, I can only imagine where this child will be…

Your money matters… When making major purchases, is this how you evaluate your choices?


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