Will ignorance be our downfall?

I am sure that some of you are wondering who the “us” is that I am speaking to but let me assure you, it not just African-Americans…

As an American culture, we have allowed ignorance to become an acceptable standard in our lives.  We label people who thirst for knowledge as bookworms, nerds and other superficial supposedly degrading names while those who are content to follow pop culture are the “cool” ones.

According to Wikipedia, various sociological statistics suggest the severity of wealth inequality “with the top 10% possessing 80% of all financial assets [and] the bottom 90% holding only 20% of all financial wealth.”

I hate to break the news to you but there is a correlation between knowledge and wealth…  Knowledge is not merely defined as the information that you gain from study within an institution but the knowledge gained from the intellectual pursuit of a subject.  Not everyone has the attention span for seventeen or more years of formal education but everyone should have an interest in something that can translate in to creating economic opportunities.  Your interest may be cutting grass… find the techniques to cut grass better than anyone else and that knowledge will grow your business thus creating economic empowerment.

The acceptance of ignorance will be our downfall and we will create an economic slave class without the ability to become economically mobile because those persons will lack the knowledge necessary to make changes in their lives.

Think about it… 

Slavery is no longer limited to physical bondage but includes your inability to change your economic and/or social conditions.  Some people are slaves to  their jobs because they lack the skills and/or knowledge to advance while others are slaves because they are encumbered with debt and living paycheck to paycheck thus making it is impossible to free themselves of their situation.  Having the knowledge to better manage finances and to create economic  opportunities will be the saving grace for this slave class, however the challenge will be changing their mindset from focusing on the latest fads, celebrity news and reality shows to a focus that will not only benefit them but also their future generations currently destined for the same economic bondage.

Do you believe me? Do you believe that ignorance will be our society’s downfall?


2 thoughts on “Will ignorance be our downfall?

  1. Very powerful and enlightening post! You are so right about the economic and social slavery that we have become accustomed to! The true shame comes in the fact that people choose to live that way knowingly and willingly. They literally lay down for the slaughter, and dare you to make them get up! It’s time for a change in that type of mentality! Ignorance may be bliss, but knowledge is definitely freedom!


    • Thanks for coming over and checking out the post. I think you are going to enjoy what I have planned for a summer series… Un-Lynched: An Economic Empowerment Doctrine for African-Americans


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