[Book Review] Sellout by James W. Lewis

I am a firm believer that the experiences each of us have as children
help to shape the people that we become as adults.  Some of us bear
witness to incidents that cause us to vow to live a completely
different life when we grow up while others may be unaware of how
those incidents affected them and find themselves reliving their
childhood as adults.  Many more recognize the patterns yet feel
powerless to do anything about it.

In his debut novel “Sellout” James W. Lewis provides a captivating
exploration of how a group of professional young adults deal with race
and relationships.  Each character, like many of us, want to find that
true love that we grew up believing in yet circumstances from their
past and situations in their present seem to be navigating their

Lewis masterfully creates dialogue among the characters that make you
feel as though you are listening in on a group of your friends and
riding the emotional relationship waves with them.  Without boring the
reader, Lewis develops the characters with enough background
information to have an understanding of their current attitudes toward
interracial dating.

My favorite character in “Sellout” is Tammy.  After being in an
interracial relationship for more than three years, I could relate to
her mixed emotions about dating a white guy.  In the beginning of the
relationship, you wonder if you gave up on black men too soon, you
feel a sense of insecurity when you are around other black people
wondering what they think of you but most of all, you wonder if there
is still hope for finding an African-American prince despite all of
the toads that have been thrown in your direction.  Tammy wasn’t able to move
past those emotions but she was lucky enough to find a tall, dark and
handsome prince to pursue.  In my opinion, she represents a woman who
may be wondering right now – why not date outside of my race?

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to spend a day or two with
some new friends getting the low down on what it’s really like to date
outside of their race.

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