Public Relation Tips from Makasha Dorsey of The Dorsey Group

Have you ever considered getting help managing your personal or professional brand?

I have!

Although I have written blogs, books, ebooks and given advice to countless clients and workshop participants on the subject, I must admit that I haven’t done the best job of managing my brand.  I think I am doing a good job but not a great job.  On this episode of The LaKesha Womack Show, Makasha Dorsey will give us some tips to create a public relations plan, which extends beyond just using social media to promote yourself…

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Meet Makasha Dorsey…

Makasha at home

My name is Makasha Dorsey. I am a wife, the mother of two boys, a writer, a full-time student, a crafter, and a Christian.

It has taken some time to sink in but my primary role is wife, which is why I chose to use the tagline a wife in progressMy other blog, which has been discontinued, focused on Makasha, the write-at-home-mom. I have since realized I am more than what I do—if you want the details you can read my first a wife in progress blog post.

I am a Christian. My vision is to have my words, work, and thoughts inspire you to be better. I am not perfect, just a follower of Christ.

About Dorsey Group LLC…

Located in Montgomery, Alabama, Dorsey Group is a PR firm that specializes in combining traditional communications strategies with new media technology to  build the relationships necessary to reach the desired markets and engage consumers. Our commitment is simple: we don’t try to reinvent the wheel (unless you want us to). Instead, we partner with our clients to help them navigate through the overly saturated and noisy media environment.

Not only does Dorsey Group help you to say what you need to say, we make sure you say it to the right people through the right mediums. But, it doesn’t stop there. We do something very few PR firms do: we measure results. Sure, other firms collect clips but we find ways to ensure that your branding efforts and communications strategies have a positive impact on your core business objectives.

where creative design meets collective intelligence

PO Box 240043 – Montgomery, AL 36124

Phone: 334.246.1170 – Fax: 208.439.8721

Twitter – @DGPRwire

Facebook –

LinkedIn –


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