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Faydra is one of those people who always has something going on.  She has been riding the wave of social media before many of us even knew it existed.  Faydra is constantly finding new and innovative ways to make her mark within the industry in ways that not only benefit her brand but also by teaching others how to make social media work for their brands.

Listen in to this episode of The LaKesha Womack Show as Faydra and I discuss her latest project, The Independent Author’s Index.  A site for authors to post their books, upcoming events and interact with readers.  Unlike other sites that take your money, list your information and move on to the next author; Faydra’s site stands out because she also uses her social network to bring promote the authors.

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Meet Faydra…

Faydra D. Fields is the creator of the Independent Author Index.

Some may find it interesting how the Independent Author Index came about.

It was actually inspired by another site.

Faydra learned about the Independent Author Network through Joey Pinkney of JoeyPinkney.com, a colleague in the independent author publishing world, and she went to check it out.

In addition to being an independent author and publisher, Faydra is also a web designer/developer. Her company is Hyper-linx Website Enhancement Services. The tagline for Hyper-linx is “making good sites better.”

When she visited the Independent Author Network, she really liked the concept behind the site, but her web designer’s eye wanted to help make the site more aesthetically appealing.

Before paying the fee to join, Faydra contacted the owner of the IAN and offered to totally redesign the site in exchange for a basic membership to IAN.

Even though she was willing to do about $1,500 worth of work in exchange for a membership, the owner of the Independent Author Network respectfully declined her offer, saying that he likes his site just the way it is.

Well, Faydra went ahead and paid the membership fee to join the IAN, and she also decided to create her own site, which is how the Independent Author Index was born.

It’s very important that you understand the following…

The Independent Author Index was not created to compete with the Independent Author Network.

The Independent Author Index is designed to offer independent authors another avenue of exposure.

The creator of the Independent Author Network, William R. Potter, is based out of Canada, while the creator of the Independent Author Index, Faydra D. Fields, is based out of the United States.

Just by the nature of location alone, William and Faydra, although both independent authors themselves helping to promote the work of other independent authors, pretty much have separate followings in the social media sphere and even in the physical world.

Authors who are members of both sites get to take advantage of two avenues for exposure. It’s really a win-win for independent authors, who definitely can use all the exposure they can get since they’re usually responsible for their own marketing.

Click the graphics to learn about Faydra’s projects…

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