[Book Review] Frank’s Roadmap to Career Success by Frank T. Mitchell

It is hard to believe that I have been out of college for almost thirteen years.  During that time, I have witnessed a tremendous change in how people are becoming employed.  Gone are the days of going to a place and placing an application then waiting for someone to contact you.  With the increased use of the internet, employers began soliciting online resumes and it was rare to ever hear from them again.  Now with the surge in use of social media, it’s all about networking and creating relationships before, after and during the hiring process.

Navigating the waters of a career transition for a seasoned professional or starting a career for a recent college graduate can seem like an almost impossible task these days.  It could become so frustrating that some might consider giving up and just taking whatever comes along.

In “Frank’s Roadmap to Career Success”, Frank T. Mitchell offers some brilliant alternatives to giving up and/or settling.  Frank offers strategies that you can begin to implement today that will help you to build the types of relationships that will lead to future opportunities.  Frank not only discusses how to build these relationships but he also provides helpful tips on

  • using social media as one of your tools during a job search
  • creating an effective resume
  • building a career support team
  • acing the interview then negotiating the offer
  • establishing your value within an organization

I recommend this book to anyone that is a part of the work force, no matter what stage of your career that you are in.  Frank, not only prepares those who are currently looking for a job, but also those who may have a position but want to be prepared in case they find themselves seeking new opportunities.  Frank encourages you to be proactive about seeking these opportunities and not waiting until the need arises.  Pick up this book and share with those in your network.  It is filled with invaluable advice.

It also makes a great graduation gift 😉

Order your copy today paperback ($19.95) or Kindle download ($5.95) from amazon.com - click the picture



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