Jasmine Powers gives us the dish on the upcoming Love & Beauty Unconference

You guys know that I am super nosey and/or quite curious…

I also love people who think outside of the box and aren’t afraid to try and do things in ways that others aren’t.  After all, there isn’t that much originality left so when someone finds it, I like to embrace it.

Enter Jasmine Powers… She reminds me of one of those people who can put on anything with her sassy attitude and no one will say a word except, “dang, there’s something special about her.”  Although Jasmine is involved in a million projects, she’s coming on The LaKesha Womack Show to discuss the upcoming Love & Beauty Unconference.  Yeah, you read it right… the “unconference”.  I have no idea what that means and that’s why we are bringing Jasmine to the show to tell us all about it.

Tune in live on Thursday, April 12 at noon CST/ 1p EST (or you can always click the link and listen to the playback) —>> The LaKesha Womack Show

Don’t have access to a computer?  Call in from your phone (646.929.2031) and listen to our thirty minute conversation… it will feel like your eavesdropping without the fear of getting caught.

Get to know Jasmine…

Jasmine Powers is a dynamite digital marketing strategist and publicist, event planner for beauty and biz, blogging, and tech events, blogger and artsy girl with a flair for things colorful and bright. A business consultant to the stars and to clients whom she treats like royalty. You’ll find her not only writing copy, press releases and articles, but blogging for CulturedGirlsOnly.com her blog of all things creative including crafts, cuisine, and visual, literary, and performing arts. She writes about accessories at ThaHotness.com, she served as the 2012 Program Director for Blogging While Brown and is the Executive Director for Love & Beauty Unconference meet the bloggers event for beauty, relationship, and fashion bloggers and their readers. She resides in Los Angeles and enjoys reading, writing and creating.

Jasmine Powers
J Powers Marketing & Publicity     


Skype: jasminepowers

About the Unconference…

Natural Hair Parade is creating the UNCONFERENCE of the year bringing you what you need to upgrade your sexy.

Bloggers the world over in the fab world of beauty, fashion, and relationship blogging will participate in a hip, sexy and engaging event talking about subjects you WANT to talk about.

  • Showcasing the hottest lifestyle bloggers on the planet in makeup, natural hair, and fashion
  • Bringing the finest brothers on the block speaking about how to bring it as a gentleman and offering tips on how to win their hearts
  • Featuring some of the illest female writers and authors out there showing you how to keep it hot and what’s not
  • Daytime programming full of digital marketing and money making resource greatness
  • Breakout sessions, demonstrations and makeovers
  • Not just a ladies event, so fellas come out
  • Includes refreshments, spirits, exhibitors, speed dating and facilitated networking sessions.

In the City of Brotherly Love, you have to get to love and beauty. Our unconference will send you home hot like fire!


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