Motivational Monday – Matthew 4:1-11… Could you pass the test?

Many of you gave up something during Lent which undoubtedly was a test of your will and resolve.  Now that Lent has passed, you are probably wondering what comes next?  Do you go back to that thing that you left or do you continue to live without it?

During this Monday Motivational, we will examine a passage of scripture where Jesus finds himself in a similar situation.  He has been fasting for forty days and forty nights and the Spirit leads Him into the desert to be tempted by the Devil.  It is often at our weakest moments when the Devil will tempt us.  Whether we are able to pass the test is a testimony to the strength and source of our faith.  Are we growing stronger in the Word or has the denial made us weaker?

Tune in live at noon (Monday April 9) or listen to the playback –>> The LaKesha Womack Show

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