Wardrobe Stylist Brian Short shares men’s spring fashion tips

I am so happy that men’s fashion is taking a slight detour from  primarily consisting of jeans and various tee shirts.  I know the look was comfortable for many men, however it didn’t make most women look at a man the same way that she would in a more polished outfit.  Sneakers and Timberlands were nice but even the shoe selection for men has vastly improved.  Yet, we know that most guys are not meticulous shoppers like some women and they need a little help navigating the trends and creating a look that works for their personality without going overboard.

Wardrobe Stylist and Image Consultant Brian Short joins us on this episode of The LaKesha Womack Show to share some spring fashion tips just for the men (and the women who shop for them).

Listen to show live or the playback —>> Spring Fashion Tips for Men

Call to listen —>> 646.929.2031

Meet Brian Short, Owner of The Finishing Touch

The Finishing Touch is a full-service, wardrobe and image-consulting firm, established in 2004. What began as a service and favor for a friend has emerged as a cutting-edge firm whose undying mission and primary focus is to refine your style and spirit . Here at The Finishing Touch, we recognize that image is two-fold—internal and external. Our ultimate desire is to see our clients flourish by looking, feeling and living their best.

Brian Short, our lead consultant has taken his love for fashion & style, and has created a burgeoning organization that is now poised to take over the industry. Brian’s successful methodology for refining clientele is centered upon “The 3 F’s: Fit, Form & Function,” and is derived from the invaluable training he’s received from seasoned industry professionals and veterans, his knowledge from engineering and design, and is coupled with his natural chic flair. Brian and his team analyze the needs of each client, and develop a structured plan for their image success. The finished product reflects the essence of refinement: the removal of impurities.

Brian has served clients in a variety of arenas—television & film, sports and entertainment, and the fashion and bridal industries. Brian’s clients include “411 The Show,” on Atlanta’s own Comcast Cable networks. Actress, Andree Pitts, has solicited Brian’s expertise in polishing her image. In 2009, Brian styled Andree for the Atlanta Fashion & Style Awards. Brian has served professional athletes, in both the NFL and Euroleague.   Grammy and Stellar award nominated , singer-songwriter, Canton Jones , as well as fellow singer-songwriter, Darien Brockington are also clients. Brian’s work can be seen in the “Take Off the Blues”  video by “Foreign Exchange featuring Darien Brockington. Arrow Records and Esquire Entertainment have consorted with Brian on numerous occasions to aide them with the perfection of their artists’ image. Fashion lines, The Pocket Square, and Street Fatigues have consulted with Brian for several of their respective productions. Brian has been involved with Street Fatigues in a consulting capacity since its inception in 1996. Brian aided both the Jackson-Chiwona and Alvarez-Guerrier wedding parties, and provided them with quality consultations in an effort to perfect their image on their special day. Brian has styled models for photo shoots with photographers JAS Photo and Derek Blanks.

Brian Short and The Finishing Touch are readily available and highly equipped to suit clients’ needs to aide them in projecting an image of class, professionalism and sophisticated style—refinement at its best.






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