Tips for a successful book review by Larie Writes

Any published author knows that receiving a book review can be one of the most nerve wrecking experiences… EVER!

You know (or at least think) that your book is great.  Your friends and family tell you that its great.  But what about those who have no vested interest in you?  What about those who are reading your book objectively?  Those are the ones that can really stress you out… the fear of not knowing what that person will say can drive you crazy.

Today’s guest on The LaKesha Womack Show, Larie Writes, is not only the published author of “My Heart Speaks” but she is also a book reviewer at Breathe Again Magazine.  Larie will share some tips with us that she has learned through her personal publishing experience as well as from working with the magazine.

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Meet Larie…

Be it kitchen, conference podium, or computer keyboard, Larie’s divine alignment with her gifts allows her to be present in all aspects of her life, and show up wherever she is led to serve. Passionate about transparency and non-judgment, Larie is building her faith-focused empire with a triple focus on writing, speaking, and culinary artistry. Her message is one of using radical self-expression to tear down the box of the “perfect Christian” myth. She is versed in workshop facilitation, catering, and empowerment speaking/writing. Her first book, My Heart Speaks, is an inspirational compilation of spiritual life lessons for girls and women.


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