Tikina Simmons discusses her Matriarch Endeavors and the importance of mentoring

Most of us can  look back and pinpoint a person in our past who had an impact on us and helped us to become the person that we are today.  Not everyone is able to look to a family member for that impact, for some young people they have to go outside of their circle to find someone whose life they want to emulate.  For most of us the hope is that the person they choose will have a positive impact.

That is the purpose of mentoring programs.  Not only are these programs beneficial for kids in inner cities or high risk areas but most kids need to have positive role models in their lives, outside of their parents because let’s be honest, most kids don’t think their parents know anything about anything.  It helps when they see other adults reinforcing the life lessons taught by their parents.

Our guest on The LaKesha Womack Show today is Tikina Simmons, founder of a not for profit in New York, Matriarch Endeavors whose mission is to provide life development programs for women.

Listen to our conversation live on Tuesday, March 20 by logging in at http://blogtalkradio.com/lakeshawomack or call from your  phone 646.929.2031 (ask to speak with the host if you have questions and/or comments)

Get to know Tikina and join her network…

Tikina Simmons is the sole child born to divorced parents Eric W. Simmons and Jean D. Simmons. She was born in Elmhurst, NY and raised in the Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn, NY. She attended Van Arsdale HS (formerly Eli Whitney), and John Jay College of Criminal Justice 00′ thru 04′. She is a mother of two beautiful children. Tikina works full-time while building her non-for-profit organization Matriarch Endeavors throughout New York City.





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