Are you ready to take the Pretty Girls Rock Dresses Challenge?

I have a love/hate relationship with dresses…

Some days I love to dress up in my heels, a sexy dress and glossy lips but other days, I am guilty of throwing on a pair of jeans, tee-shirt and some flats.

Last year, I came across the Pretty Girls Rock Dresses Challenge on Facebook and it was just the boost that I needed to pull out some old sundresses and invest in a couple of new ones.  The Challenge is hosted by Dea Win and starts on March 1st each year to encourage women to dress like ladies with hopes that men will follow… After all, our society is very visual and many times we are treated based on the way we look (sad but true).

Last year, I wrote about the event (Are you up for the Challenge?), this year I have the pleasure of interviewing the Founder on The LaKesha Womack Show. We will discuss her motivation for creating what she considers a movement and how you can get involved.

Have a question and/or comment?

Tweet us during the show @LaKeshaWomack @PGRDresses

Call in and ask to speak with the host – 646.929.2031

Meet Dea Win…

Dea Win, owner and founder of PGRDresses is an Atlanta native. Growing up she was inspired by the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950′s and 1960′s. Throughout her childhood she dreamed about pursing activism and social reform. As a student at Clark Atlanta University she participated in activities that helped feed her deep desire to help people. After graduation she constantly pursued outlets to express her interest in people, politics, and social reform.

Her epiphany came while watching Malcolm X and talking to friends about gender roles. Maybe if women dressed like Ladies; men would follow Suite. PGRDresses the Movement was born.

The girl who was always in search of a RIGHTEOUS cause or person to support has now found a cause and her very OWN righteous movement. Empowering women and girls to do better by embracing femininity.

Team Pretty’s main goal is to MOTIVATE and INSPIRE WOMEN. In our world everything’s PRETTY! You should join us!

Feel free to email me at: if you have any questions or concerns

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There’s POWER in the DRESS, PURSE, and STILETTO. ~PGRDresses™


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