Guest Post: Life According to Ourselves (Push and Soar)

There are a number of expectations placed upon us since birth.  They vary from family to family, individual to individual and each age group brings its own set. We are flooded with them and sometimes don’t even realize it and take it as just another part of life. Some of us end up blindly following them. Others however, make the conscious decision to follow these expectations, while there are the ones who feel obligated to do so out fear of disappointing the people in their life and the fear that people might start to see them differently for going against the grain.

Going against what people want for us might be new territory for us and might take some getting used to on their part. They might get upset, become sad but I believe that ultimately all they really want for us is to be happy and they will eventually adjust to the new situation. And although at first we might feel like we’re letting them down, we will start to feel lighter, more relieved and happier knowing that we are living the life that we chose for ourselves and that we are following the thing that best represents who we really are.

These people might hold a great vision of our life in their mind. But what if your life’s potential is greater than anything they could ever hope for you? How will you reach that if you limit yourself to the vision of others? Is this something you are willing to risk? Are you willing to miss out on the potential opportunities to create a bigger life for yourself than what others have dreamt for you?

We have to know ourselves enough to know the difference between what we want for ourselves and what others want for us and make the decision based on what helps us sleep better at night and own that decision. But know that living our own life is a choice that we can make. We can’t make everyone happy at all times. The first person you should strive to make happy is yourself because you can’t bring happiness to anyone else if you’re not happy. You don’t want to wake up one morning realizing that you spent half of your life living somebody else’s or the life that they wished they had lived. So spend some time and think about what’s best for you, following in the path that was thought out or set for you or making your own and living the life that is the best reflection of yourself.

Know where the line is between being selfish, being indifferent towards others and living life on your own terms. Be brave and believe in yourself. Hold a great vision of your life in your mind, one that best reflects the true you and find a way to carve that life for yourself. Before you do something ask yourself why you’re doing it. Is it something you want to do or what someone else wants for you? But whatever you decide, be clear about the reasons behind your decision and be okay with it. Most importantly, be you because when old age crawls up, it is my hope that we can all look back on our previous years and smile knowing that the magnificent life that we lived was created by our own design.

About Lilou…

Lilou is a motion graphics designer and a digital fine artist. She’s a creative person and love to find different ways to express her creativity. She also loves to see people pursuing their passion whether it’s through their work or as a hobby. So through her blog “Push+Soar” she strives to inspire and motivate others to do just that and let them know that on their journey of following their passion, they are not alone.


One thought on “Guest Post: Life According to Ourselves (Push and Soar)

  1. lifecoachmarie says:

    Great post. Glad I found this blog 🙂 I’ve been doing a lot of writing about living with passion and purpose, and I totally agree with the idea pushing against expectations, understanding what you truly want, and putting the whole picture together for yourself. With another take on finding your passion be interesting? Here’s something I wrote:


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