Chef Amadeus, Winner of The Food Network’s Extreme Chef Challenge

Most of us struggle to cook under normal circumstances…

Our guest today on The LaKesha Womack Show will share how he conquered The Food Network’s Extreme Chef “Mexican Showdown” Challenge under some not so normal circumstances.

Chef Amadeus will also provide us with some healthy cooking tips to help all of us who have made life (not New Year’s) resolutions to improve our diets. I consider this Chef the king of sensual cooking and look forward to his tips to help spice things up in my kitchen 😉

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Call and ask to speak with the host – 646.929.2031

About Chef Amadeus…

Chef Amadeus the winner of Food Networks Extreme Chef “Mexican Showdown” Episode 1, Season 1. Chef Amadeus was raised in Jacksonville, Florida. He grew up cooking with his grandmother who was from Puerto Rico and mother from Philadelphia. This is where he acquired his love of creating his tasty creations. Chef Amadeus joined the US Navy in 1986, this is where he had the opportunity to travel to several countries and other US cities, once again he was exposed to many different cuisines and his thirst for new cuisine really took off. Chef Amadeus came back to his hometown and worked in some of the best restaurants in town.

Chef Amadeus decided to venture on his own, to unleash his creative juices. The guests in many of the establishments that he worked, would invite him to their homes to prepare his own creations in their kitchens; in doing this his creative juices really began to flow and helped expand his culinary drive. Creating some of the most innovative dishes his clients have ever tasted. He has been requested on many occasions, to prepare dishes for many of the celebrities that have performed in Jacksonville.

To continue his culinary journey, Chef Amadeus visited the Pacific Northwest and fell in love with the freshness of the food and wine country. Since he has moved out west, he has acquired more fans of his style of cooking, which is what he calls world fusion. Chef Amadeus has also created his own blend of salt free spices called SOUTHERN PASSION. This line of well blended spices are loved and enjoyed by clients and friends all over the country.
Bringing his passion from Florida to Seattle, and back again his fan base has grown.

Chef Amadeus is becoming one the country’s favorite chefs to have in their home and stage. Because he is very involved with the community, you can see why his clients really enjoy sharing him with their friends.

Listen to Chef Amadeus on Late Night with LaKesha providing tips to spice up the holidays…


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