Let’s talk about…

Season Three of The LaKesha Womack Show (yes, it feels as vain typing that as it probably would sound saying it but hey…)

As some or all of you know, I have been on a short hiatus for the past few months.  Although I reached a point where I felt ready to return to the blogosphere and BlogTalkRadio World, I felt totally uninspired.  A lot of creative people that I know will totally understand what I am saying.  It’s like having a willing spirit but no content that you feel worthy of sharing.  I know that some people are able to just put out anything whether they believe it relevant or not, but that’s hard for me.

With all of that being said, I’m back on BlogTalkRadio as of today at noon CST.

I am making some changes to the show format so tune today and get more details.  Also, if you want to comment…

Tweet me – @LaKeshaWomack

Call in and ask to speak with the host – 646.929.2031

Don’t forget to check out our show blog in the coming weeks for information about our upcoming guests (http://TheLaKeshaWomackShow.wordpress.com) and most importantly, listen to today’s show and past shows at http://blogtalkradio.com/LaKeshaWomack

I’m looking forward to a great Season 3 and look forward to hearing from YOU!


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