I encourage you to be faithful…

Faith is often defined as belief in something unseen while we consider being faithful as sticking with something.

I want to encourage you to be faithful in your life.

Have faith in the things that you want for yourself and your ability to achieve and accomplish them.  There will be instances when you will doubt that you have whatever you consider necessary to fulfill your mission but stay faithful.  Whatever you may feel you are lacking, work to build the skill or find someone to help you.  In our technological age, you are able to network with or reach out to gain whatever may be missing toward the fulfillment of your goals.

There will be times when you may just want to give up because it may seem like too much… too much work… too much time… too much sacrifice… just too much but stay faithful.  If you are pursuing something that you truly believe is a part of your destiny, do not give up.  Have faith and be faithful to pursuing your purpose.


What do you think?

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